6 Dating Tips to Identify Red Flags on a Date


Confused about how to identify red flags on a date? It’s okay, these dating tips will tell you all about it!

Dating can be tricky and confusing for a person at times. Many of you might even hesitate for moving forward with someone if you do not get the hints. It is also possible that you will develop emotions for someone when the other person is not so much into you. So, it is good to know the negative signs before-handed and avoid any uncomfortable situations further. However, there is no hard and fast rule and a few exceptions might happen. So, think wisely!

Thus, get hold of these below-given dating tips and know about all the red flags and ways to identify them on a date.

Engaged on phone

Usually, people are too much involved with their phones when trying to avoid uncomfortable situations or not interested in you. Both are not a good sign. 

However, it is common to feel a bit awkward when you are around new people. But it is also obvious that your date will try to start a conversation and know more about you if he/she is interested. They will keep everything aside to know more and make it a meaningful meeting. Also, it is a basic courtesy to attend to the people you are physically present with than those on your phones. If he/she is unable to meet this obvious expectation, you must cut on them soon. 

Talks a lot about their Ex

Many people have a habit of talking about their ex on their dates. However, it is okay to discuss subtly your past at times. But if all their conversations revolve around the same person, it is high time to stop dating him/her. It is very probable that your dating partner still has strong feelings for their ex and might take some time to move on.  

Definitely, you don’t want to complicate things even before the beginning of your relationship. So, he/she cannot be your betterhalf in the future and you must avoid dating or meeting them any further.

No curiosity about you

If someone is inviting you on a date, they must be curious to know more about you. Especially, when it is your first or second date both parties are equally wanting to spend more time together. But if he/she shows no such signs of curiosity, it's a sign for you to take a step back. 

However, a day or two might be an exception and it can be an emergency situation. But if you continue to notice the same behavior, you must stop wasting your time on people who are not worth it! 

Judge a lot!

It is obvious that no two people can think identically about everything. You two can have differences of opinion and different perspectives about things. But if the other person is too harsh or judges you to think differently, he/she is surely not the one!

Rather, they would like to know more about your perception and the reason behind it if there is anything serious between you two. Also, date or no date, it is imperative to respect other people’s opinions out of courtesy. It tells a lot about his/her personality and thought process.

Notice nothing about you

Anyone interested in you will notice every minute detail and will be curious for more. But even after 2-3 dates, they notice nothing about you? It’s time to stop expecting from them.

You better invest your time in finding someone who interests you and vice-versa. It shouldn’t be boring to be with that person. Also, it is amazing when their eye for detail about you might even shock you sometimes. So, never settles for anything less!

No texts after the date

These days texts are the most common and comfortable way of conversation than anything. So, this is the basic one definitely does if he/she is interested. However, if they completely lost connection after meeting you on dates you need to get yourself another date!

Though even you can text first and initiate conversations, one-sided messages always, are never a great sign, to begin with. So, do not do a lot of it.

Thus, these are a few red flags and dating tips that might help you to play safe. These points will make sure that you do not stick anywhere you are actually not meant to be. So, choose wisely!

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