6 Conversations You Must Avoid Having With Your Partner

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In a relationship, couples get to know each other pretty well after a while. With the conversations and talks you have with your partner before and after marriage, you start understanding each other's likes and dislikes super well. From your embarrassing childhood memory to your strength and weakness, there's nothing your partner doesn't know. Be it current politics or fitness  or entertainment - we have millions of different conversations with our partners daily. However, there are a few things that couples should consider never talking about. Yes, we know it's not right to keep secrets in a relationship, but then there's a gray area that is better that way. 

Here are six types of conversations you must avoid with your partner, even after wedding by all means. And it's  absolutely okay to avoid them. So read on to know more!

6 Conversations You Must Not Have With Your Partner

  1. Negative Comments On Their Family: Be it after marriage or in a casual relationship, every couple fights, and while fighting, sometimes we tend to cross the boundary, and talk about things that we shouldn't in the first place. And if you are someone who loses temper pretty soon, there's one of the many conversations you must not have with your partner. No matter how angry you are, never insult their family members and close friends. You may not mean it, but if you say anything negative, you might end up putting yourself in a spot from where you can never come back. So if you are serious about the relationship, avoid conversations where you start looking bad. 
  1. Past Sexual Encounters: As couples, we talk about everything, from marriage to hook ups, but some conversations tend to make our significant other a bit uncomfortable. And talking about previous sexual experiences can be one of them since it's something that has happened in the past. No matter what kind of relationship your partner enjoyed with their ex in the past, it should never be discussed in the present. Such things only lead to misunderstandings and insecurities, which do no good to anyone. Yes, you may have some juicy stories, but save them for your friends, and let the past be the past with your BAE. It's one of the many conversations  you should avoid having with your partner. And it's not only about the juicy stories, but some people may also have had a very rough past, and they don't want to relieve it by sharing it, and that's completely fine. 
  1. Cheating: Mistakes and shit happen with everyone ever after a wedding. Sometimes, it takes multiple people for you to realize that your partner is the ONE. And in that process, intentionally or unintentionally, you may have ended up cheating on people. And if you have done that, please try to not discuss it with your partner. No one will like to know how you cheated on your ex - it will make them insecure and uncomfortable. Maybe in later years, when you both develop a sense of understanding, you can share that with your partner, but giving all the deets early in a relationship makes no sense. Hence, avoid this conversation with your partner because nothing good will anyway come out of it.
  1. Super Honest Conversations: You cannot love each and everything about your partner, and it's okay that way. We are humans; we can never be perfect - however, rambling about it makes us look stupid and nothing else. If you don't like something about your partner post marriage and if it can be avoided, then don't be honest about it. For example, if your partner is considering coloring her hair and you don't like the outcome, don't be brutally honest about it. She has done it for herself, and if it makes her happy, you should be happy for her too. If your partner is wearing a shirt that makes him look funny, but if he loves the shirt, don't be honest about it. Sometimes, with our brutal honesty, we can put our significant other's morale down. So if not required, you can stop being brutally honest.  
  1. Stale Conversations: The first rule of every relationship, especially marriage - you must let the bygones be bygones. And it is also one of the many talks that you must avoid having with your partner. Don't bring up the past in your present conversation unless it's relevant to the situation. For example, if you both fought about something nasty in the past, don't talk about it in the present.Since the more you bring it up, the more weightage you give to that topic. At times, you will have arguments and disagree on things, but that's how conversations are, so let the stale conversations be in the past. Avoid making the past your present, and refrain from having old conversations with your partner - where both of you go in a bad zone. 
  1. You Don't Like Their Friends: You cannot like everyone in the world, and that's completely normal. However, using it as a conversation subject with your partner is not appropriate. If you don't like one of their friends, it's fine - you don't need to have a conversation about it since that'll create unnecessary complications. If your partner finds that friendship is good enough to treasure, it's their choice, and you must respect it. Just because you don't like someone, it doesn't mean that your partner should stop talking with that person. So if you have opinions about their friends, keep it to yourself, since it's not necessary to have that conversation with your partner and sabotage your relationship. 

So, these are some of the conversation points that you should avoid. We would love to know what's that one conversation that couples should avoid having. Do let us know in the comments below. 

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