5 Ways To Deal With Stress When Your Wedding Is Postponed

wedding postponed

With everything happening in the world and the bubble of uncertainty  around us, the cancellation of events has become the new normal. Thanks to Covid, several couples have to postpone their weddings or get hitched in an intimate setting while following all the protocols. 

And if you are someone whose wedding has been postponed, we understand the wedding stress you might be going through right now. From the perfect decor to the outfits, everything was done, and you were all set to walk down the aisle, and now, dealing with the postponement can be a difficult task. However, you should remember that nothing comes above safety, and you will still have the wedding of your dreams once things settle down. In the meantime, here's how you can deal with all the stress of weddings. 

Here’s How You Should Deal With Wedding Stress When It’s Postponed 
  1. Celebrate Love With Your Partner: Yes, you have been planning the wedding of your dreams for a while now, and amid the pandemic, your wedding is postponed - however, you must remember that it's not permanently cancelled. The love that you and your partner have for each other is still there, so celebrate that. Plan cute dates, send each other romantic letters, take a staycation trip together and do everything in your will to make each other happy. And if you both live in different cities, plan a virtual date, where you can either cook together or watch the movie together. Nothing should stop you from celebrating love.
  1. Show Your True Emotions: When you plan something for months, and  suddenly you have to postpone it because you cannot control the situation, you are bound to feel helpless. And in this time of distress, the only thing you should do is be honest and vocal about your feelings. Don't keep it in; speak to your partner, communicate your feelings, and we are sure you will feel better. Cry if you have to, ask your partner how they are dealing with all this. Journal if that helps, have a positive approach, and trust the process. But most importantly, go it all out and share it with people who can help you with it. Also, try to stay away from people who are not compassionate.  
  1. Use This Time To Grow Together: We can understand how it feels when the wedding is postponed, and with all the wedding stress building inside you, take some time off and focus on yourself. Focus on the relationship you have with your partner, bond with each other, grow your relationship further and invest more time in knowing each other. Think of your aspirations as a couple and also as individuals. Help each other in this time of distress and make sure that you stay strong together. You can also plan surprises for each other, cook meals for each other, take some workshops together and deal with all the wedding stress together. Remember, the situation will get better soon, take this time to grow together, and strengthen the bond you share. 
  2. Channel Your Energy Creatively: Remember the workshop you wanted to attend, or a course you wanted to do but couldn't do because of the wedding, now is the time to do it. Yes, you are sad that your wedding is postponed, but use  this time to learn things you have always wanted to. Paint, sing, dance and have a little creative party with your gang. If you enjoy writing, pen down your emotions and ensure that you are constantly in touch with them. Adopt a new skill or watch a play with your squad, do everything you can to make the wedding stress off. The more creative you get, the happier you become, so don't sit and overthink about the situation- use this time to do something productive. 
  1. Eat Clean And Workout: Yes, you are worried and upset, and all you want to do is eat your comfort food. And if you feel like having a pizza, go ahead eat it, but don't overeat. Don't binge on junk food, have a clean diet, and exercise at least five times a week. Following this will not only help you stay in shape, but you will release endorphins, which will elevate your mood. While the wedding stress will bother you for a few days, try snapping out of it and follow a healthy lifestyle. You should be fit and fab, so that once the date is finalised again, you look nothing but the bride of your dreams. 

We know you took a lot of effort to plan the marriage, but now that it's postponed, don't be too hard on yourself. Take each day one by one and take some time off with your partner. Comfort each other in this distressful time, assure your elders that things will be fine soon, and don't let any negative thoughts house your mind. You will have the wedding of your dreams soon, be patient and enjoy the process. 

On that note, has your wedding been postponed amid the pandemic? If yes, how have you dealt with the situation? Let us know in the comments below. 

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