5 Tips To Plan a Perfect Tamil Matrimony

Tamil Matrimonial

Weddings not only celebrate the union of the couple, but they also celebrate love, commitment, and the couple's culture. And when we talk about weddings, every wedding in India is distinct, filled with culture, values, and traditions. And if you are planning a Tamil Matrimonial, we assure you will get to see more of all this at your wedding. Hence, to ensure that you plan the Tamil Matrimonial of your dreams, we are going to tell you five tips that you must keep in mind. 

And while you use these tips, you must remember that Tamil matrimonials include a host of rituals a week before and after the wedding. The spiritual symbolism of a Tamil matrimonial is more important than all the grandeur and show. Tamil Matrimonials happen according to the Tamilian calendar except for Aashad, Bhadrapad, and Shunya. And with that said, read on, and we are sure you will find these tips super useful. 

5 Tips That Will Help You Plan The Tamil Matrimonial Of Your Dream

  1. Book The Wedding Venue First: Traditional Tamil Matrimonials are long and can last for a week. And if you are planning to do all the rituals and functions on a grand scale, you must book your wedding venue way in advance. Wedding venues tend to get booked fast during the wedding season and to ensure that you get what you need, book the wedding venue first. Ensure that there's a Ganesh Temple around the wedding venue so that you can follow all the Tamil Matrimony rituals the way you are supposed to. You can handle the decor, lighting, and other things a bit later, but securing the venue will let you plan all the spiritual rituals in a better way. 
  1. Shortlist Your Wedding Attire: When it comes to Indian weddings, one of the most important things for a bride and groom is their wedding attire. And Tamil Matrimonials, in particular, are no different. So as a Tamil bride and groom, if you are planning a traditional Tamil Matrimony, it's imperative for you to decide your wedding outfits in advance. For Tamil brides, you have to buy a stunning Kanjeevaram silk sari, wear lots of traditional gold jewelry, and precious stone set jewelry known as Jadainagam in the shape of a cobra, which is the symbol of a bride’s fertility. For grooms, buy a dhoti and embroidered kurta or a sherwani. Both the outfits need to be color-coordinated, so ensure that you plan them accordingly. Planning your attire makes it simple for you to focus on other things. Keep this tip in mind, and get ready to swoon your guests with your beautiful outfits. 
  1. Having Right Food Is Important: When it comes to traditional Tamil Matrimonial, usually the wedding has pure vegetarian food which is easily available. So while planning your Tamil Matrimony, give equal thought to the food menu. Consider the guest list, budget, and wedding venue before finalizing the food menu. Find a good caterer who can provide authentic Tamilian cuisine that fits your budget. Tamilian food can be a bit expensive, keeping all the traditional arrangements in mind. However, depending on your budget, you can always ditch a dish or two. The idea here is to give your guests an authentic Tamil Matrimonial experience, so you don't have to go all out; keep simple dishes that hold a significant value to your culture. 
  1. Arranging The Wedding Decor: When it comes to Tamil Matrimonial, flowers are mainly used for the decoration. And to ensure that you get all the traditional flowers on time, make sure to book the florists and decor team in advance. If you are getting married in the peak wedding season, the chance of not getting your desired flowers are high; hence locking them in advance is always a better option. And if you want your decor to look traditional and modern at the same time, you can use drapes, lights, quirky props, and other things. Make sure that you discuss your vision with the decorators so that they know what you are expecting and how it needs to be done. 
  1. Wedding Rituals: Last but the most important one, you have to sit with your families and decide the rituals that will take place in your Tamil Matrimonial. Traditional Tamil Matrimony can last for a week; however, if you don't want your wedding to be that long, decide which rituals are more important, why you need to have it, and only then, start booking your wedding venue, caterer, and other things. Tamil Matrimonial rituals are beautiful and spiritual; however, if you want to add a modern touch to your wedding, it's better to make sure that both the families are on the same page for it. 

Tamil weddings are filled with fun customs and spiritual rituals, so dear couples, if you are planning your dream wedding, ensure that you keep these tips in mind. These tips will give some structure to your Tamil Matrimony, and we are sure they will simplify the wedding planning process. On that note, as per you, what is the important essence of a Tamil Matrimonial? Share it with us, in the comments below.

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