5 Songs You Must Add To Your Christian Matrimonial Song List

Christian Matrimony

If you know anything about Christian matrimony, you know that the wedding is all about celebrating the love and union of the couple. With limited rituals, fun celebrations, and an even better vibe, Christian matrimony is a must-attend in India. And if you are planning a Christian matrimonial, then here are five songs that you must add to your wedding playlist. These songs can not only be used for your first dance as a man and wife but also for your wedding reception entry. Each of these songs is popular in Christian matrimonial, so read on for the ultimate list, and you can thank us later for the same. 

Songs That You Must Add To Your Christian Matrimonial List 

Made For Me By TobyMac

If you have heard TobyMac, you will love to know that all of his songs have love and romance, making them perfect for your Christian matrimony. And this song, Made For Me, is not different. The song not only has foot-tapping beats but also has beautiful lyrics perfect for the couple. So if you want your first dance to be a bit upbeat and fun, this song should be on your list. Besides, this song is also perfect for your reception entry or at the engagement party. So if you are prepping for your dance before the wedding, this one is a good option for you. 

I'll Wait For You By Moriah Peters

If you are looking for a fun romantic song for your wedding reception or other functions, then you must add this song to your list. The lyrics of I'll Wait For You will not only make you feel grateful for your partner but also make you believe in the power of wedding and love. And while the audio of this song is beautiful, the video of this song is equally beautiful. Being a perfect wedding reception entry song, don't forget to add this one to your list wedding playlist. 

Good Day For Marrying You By Dave Barnes

If you are looking for THE fun song for your Christian matrimonial, you cannot miss out on this gold. Being a feel-good song, it's known for the peppy vibe it has to offer. It's not only great for dancing but the perfect music for your wedding reception entry as husband and wife. If you’re looking for something upbeat to add to the wedding day playlist, add this song to the list, and we are sure you will thank us later for the recommendation. 

Cinderella By Steven Curtis Chapman

Every Christian Matrimonial has a father-daughter song, and if you are looking for THE perfect song, add this one to your list. It’s a lovely song about a father’s relationship with his daughter and how it evolves through the years. This song will take you back to the memory lane with your father and how you two have grown and evolved over time. No other song can describe the father-daughter relationship like this one. So get ready; there are going to be a lot of tears by the end of this song; however, everything is worth the precious dance you do with your father at your Christian matrimony. 

Love Can Save It All By Andra carries

If you truly want to express your feelings and want to describe what your partner means to you, add this song to your list. The song is all about sticking with each other for better or worse and loving each other unconditionally. And you know what the best part about this song is? Well, the best part about this song is that despite having such a serious message, the music of this song is quite playful and upbeat. So, if you want to express how you feel for your partner, choose this song and express your love with some dance and drama. 

So if you are getting hitched soon or are planning your BFF’s wedding, make sure to add these songs to the list. Do let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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