5 Important Things to See while Choosing Your Betterhalf


All your friends are getting married. Your parents and relatives are throwing questions about when you are getting married at a rate faster than speed of light. You’re at that phase of your life when you’ve been also thinking of settling down with someone special to move on to the next phase of life. But there is something which has been giving you sleepless nights - What are those things to look for when you’re choosing your betterhalf

At first, it may seem like a pretty subjective question to you. Some of us would say that there cannot be a particular answer for this, and everyone would look for something different. We are sorry to break your belief but there are a few things that may apply to everyone who is looking to tie the marriage knot with someone. For any companionship, we seek a companion. And there cannot be a greater companionship than with your betterhalf.

We would like you to check out the five basics that you would want to make sure are there before you make that final decision about your marriage and say  - “I do”.

Ask your Partner about Long-term goals

Do you want to open a chain of Bakery Shops by 45? Or does your partner want to travel the whole world by 40 even if she has to exhaust all her money for this? These are a few examples of questions to get an idea about your partner’s long-term goals. Based on their answers, you can make your mind accordingly. We know you will say that nobody has seen what will happen tomorrow and life is all about living in the moment. But we are optimistic species, and if we are assuming that the world goes on, and so does life; we need to have an idea about what they want with their life. As we said marriage is a life-long companionship, a right calibration of long-term goals between yourself and your partner is a must.

While You are at it, Don’t Forget Short-term Goals!

When you are sure that his long-term goals are aligning with yours, you should be ready with your next question about short-term goals. Because hey, let’s say you both agree upon the things 20 years down the line, but what about the near future? Will he feel okay to shift to your city where you’re working? Or will you have to sacrifice your job to suit your relationship? Will you both work on applying for new jobs so that you both can stay together? These are some of the mundane but crucial questions that you should ask from your to-be-betterhalf. Because love is in the little details, and your present is as important as the larger picture.

Intellectual Compatibility

Well, well, well! You don’t want to spend all of your life with someone not at par with your intellectual self. Let’s say you are someone who wants to talk about how everyone always misunderstands Loki and how he is one of the greatest characters of the MCU. Or if you don’t understand why she desperately needs to talk about the fragility of our life and universe at 12 AM. Well, maybe there’s a gap between you two.

And we are not saying these things are some absolute parameter of an ideal relationship. They can be anything, and you would know this by spending time with your partner. You should always find your betterhalf who can give you the gratification of letting you speak what you love. If we were to put it briefly, find someone who stimulates your brain, calms your mind, and soothes your soul.

Things you Want (Like You Cannot Compromise on Them)

Before choosing your betterhalf for marriage, you should make a mental list of a few things you need in a partner. It can be loyalty, truthfulness, caring, or honesty. You can also choose the simplest things like working in the same profession to enjoy the same wavelength. Give yourself some time if needed, but decide what are those things you need. Also, fair warning, do remember you will get a mixed bag; a person with a few things you want and a few you don’t. So, please pick out your favorite fruits beforehand and see if you want the whole bag or not.

Thing You Don’t Want At Any Cost

When you are making that list of things you want in your partner, you will also figure out the things you don’t want. As we told you, in a mixed bag, you will find some oddities too. Be firm on the bad eggs that are an absolute NO. For example, if you don’t want to be around someone who smokes, don’t ignore it over some good things. Ask them if they could live without it and be ready to change. Whatever happens, never settle for something that you don’t like. NEVER!

So, these are some of the basic things that you should keep in your mind when looking for your potential husbands or wives. We hope they will be helpful for you. If you haven’t found someone and are looking for a compatible fit for yourself, you can try out India's first AI-powered matchmaking app - Betterhalf.

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