5 Gifts For Your Bride-to-be Bestie On Her Wedding


A wedding is the most joyous occasion of every bride's life. And if your best friend is getting hitched soon, we are sure you are excited about the wedding. And being a bridesmaid/maid of honor, you'll anyway have tonnes of things to take care of. However, there's one thing that you cannot miss out on, and that is getting a present for your bride-to-be friend. We all love gifts, and receiving them at weddings makes it all the more special. So to make your best friend feel special on her big day, you have to give her something special. And to help you pick a gift, we have created a special list for you. Read on, and you can thank us for the suggestions later. 

Perfect Gifts To Give Your Bride-To-Be Bestie

1. Gift Her A Quick Weekend Getaway Trip: Your best friend is getting hitched soon, and amid the wedding preps, you two are not getting enough time to spend with each other. So to make sure that you spend some quality time with your BFF before her wedding, you can plan a surprise weekend getaway for her. Book a fun resort for a staycation, where you two can chill, gossip, binge-watch shows, eat, drink and forget all the wedding planning stress. This staycation will not only let you enjoy some single-girl time with your bride-to-be bestie, but it will also help her relax and take some time off the wedding shenanigans. So you can plan a getaway to a property you have always wanted to visit or plan something special that you know your bestie will love. 

2. Gift Her A Relaxing Spa Session: Your bride-to-be bestie is bound to be stressed because of all the wedding preparations. And as her best friend and bridesmaid, it's your responsibility to help her take the edge off. So as her wedding present, you can gift her a luxurious spa session, where she can unwind, get a nice massage and rejuvenate for the wedding. There are luxurious spas in India for brides, where they pamper the bride-to-be head to toe, so ensure you research about it and gift your friend nothing but the best. She is getting hitched, and she deserves nothing but the best, and we are sure you want to give her the best you can. 

3. Buy Her Something Engraved: If you want to make your gift extra special, you can buy something similar for the two of you. For example, You can buy two sets of the same watch and get them engraved with the date you two met for the first time. It will be the best keepsake for your bride-to-be bestie, and we are sure this one will make her super emotional. If not a watch, you can opt for promise rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. No matter what you choose, get it engraved to make the gift more special and memorable for her. 

4. Give Her Coupons: Well, we are not talking about food or shopping coupons; these are the coupons that you'll create yourself. Your bestie is soon going to start a new phase in her life, and to make sure that you give her something that's exclusively made for her, gift her promise coupons. For example, make 5-6 coupons, and each of them can have a promise written on it. One note can consist of things like - I promise to always be your SOS even after marriage, I promise to give you all the gossip and life updates first. You can also give her one-time coupons- Spending one day with her life, good old times coupons, etc. The point here is to assure her that even after her wedding, nothing will change between you two. 

5. Gift Her Something She Always Wanted: If you can't lock one particular wedding gift for your bride-to-be best friend, how about gifting her something that she always wanted? From shoes to bags, clothes, and food, gift her something she has always been eyeing on. Set a budget for yourself and see what you can get in that amount. PS: You should know that your thought counts, and not the amount you spend. 

Weddings are special, and the gift you give your bride-to-be friend is also special, so make sure to use this list while finalizing the gifts. On that note, if you have to give a wedding gift to your best friend, what will that be? Let us know in the comments below.

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