5 Essential Questions You Should Ask on Your First Meeting


You come across someone on a matrimony platform. Have been spending nights and days texting. Now is the time to finally meet that special person in flesh and blood. And what’s more nerve-wracking than meeting someone whom you barely know. But you also know that virtual calls won’t help you know them, and physically meeting is the only way out. While first meetings can send butterflies in your stomach, they are always considered as a precursor to an actual relationship that will mature into something serious like marriage shortly.

If you are someone who always finds first meetings disguised as interviews for marriage scheduled at a fancy place,

you should have a list of a few necessary questions to ask your prospective matrimony partner. We have figured out what to talk about at first meetings that can help you start your conversation. The key to successfully anticipate the possible future of your first meetings is to have these questions at your disposal.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

You can tell a lot of people by the nature of their accomplishments because different people treat different things as accomplishments. Some people will come up with small and trivial things as their achievements. However, there’s always a possibility that you uncover some hidden layer about the person you are meeting with. With their answers, you can observe some new dimensions to your potential matrimonial partner’s life that maybe they never would’ve shared on marriage apps.

2. What is the Meaning of Love and Affection and How Much They Matter to You

This question is fairly straightforward but when you think about it, it’s not. This question would help you understand your partner’s thoughts about the meaning of love and affection. With their answers, you could gauge how much love and affection have molded their lives. Suppose if a person answering this question had a tough childhood and dysfunctional family, you could sense the issues to look out for with their answers. You will also get to know the importance of family bonds to that concerned person.

3. If you’re made to stand in front of the Oracle, and it can successfully predict yourself, your future, or anything else for that matter, what would you want to know?

This question will let you dive deep into your potential marriage partner’s aspirations. With this sincere question, you can get yourself acquainted with a person’s deep-rooted anxieties and yearnings. Yes, we know that this could be an uncomfortable question for some, and not many would open up about it. However, if you never ask, the answer will always be no. And if a person isn’t ready to answer this question, respect his/her decision to do so.

4. Is There Anything Close to Your Heart and Anything Close to Your Heart that You’ve been Longing to Do, but Couldn’t?

This could be an amazing question to get someone to know better. Because not all of us do something that we enjoy doing and also get paid for it. You may meet someone who has some unfulfilled dreams and secretly wants to pursue his or her passion. This question shows that you have a certain empathy for your partner. Getting to know what your future partner is interested in is a big plus. Response to this question will further help you perceive the other person; whether he or she is okay with a simple life or an ambitious one.

5. What are Your Expectations from Your Matrimony Partner?

When you are going to decide on your marriage partner, you should always clear out any confusion about the expectations in the first meeting. This question will help you find out if your partner is suitable for you or not. When two people in a relationship are clear about each other’s expectations, more than half of everything is sorted. The answer to this question will bring more clarity which will be of great aid in every kind of decision-making process in your relationship.

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