5 Destination Wedding Venues Perfect For Tamil Matrimony

Tamil Matrimonial

No matter which Indian wedding you attend, it's always fun to be a part of one. Be it the traditional Kannada wedding or the spiritually rich Tamil wedding - it's a treat to be a part of Indian weddings. And if you are someone who is getting hitched soon in a Tamil-style wedding, then how about planning a destination wedding. A destination wedding not only allows you to marry in the most picturesque setting, but it's also cost-effective since you call a limited number of guests. So dear Tamilian couple, for your destination wedding, we have curated a list of the most picturesque locations, read on and pick one of these destinations for your Tamil Matrimonial

Wedding Venues You Must Consider For A Tamil Matrimonial 

  1. Kochi: Located in God's Own Country, Kerala, Kochi has a natural scenic beauty that no other state in India can offer. And for your Tamil Matrimonial, you can take your vows amid the backdrop of palm trees or by the shores - you will love every bit of it. Kochi is well-connected by flight and trains; hence it's easy for you to fly down and get all the arrangements done. Since Tamil matrimonials are known for their pretty floral decor, you can easily use the local flowers of Kerala and plan a dreamy wedding in the most scenic town of Kochi. And while you are in Kochi, don't forget to visit Kochi fort - it's a perfect place to unwind before the wedding day arrives. 
  1. Mahabalipuram: If you are having an authentic Tamil Matrimonial with all the traditional rituals, there's no better place than Mahabalipuram to plan the wedding of your dreams. The temple town is known to highlight the architectural brilliance that India has to offer. And it's located in the equidistant of Tamil Nadu and Chennai. Several Bollywood movies are shot here, and this place has also been a popular spot for pre-wedding shoots. The landscape of Mahabalipuram provides you the royal feels, while the pristine beaches make you add romance to the air. And while the town is known for its captivating architecture, there's another thing that you should look forward to is the palatable local cuisine. So, with a picture-perfect backdrop and great food, how can you not choose Mahabalipuram for your Tamil matrimony. 
  1. Agra: India is known for several things, but one thing that symbolizes love the most in our country is the majestic Taj Mahal. There's no better place than Agra to get hitched with your loved one. There are several resorts and hotels in Agra that offer you stunning Taj Mahal views. The Mughal-styled architecture and the jaw-dropping beauty of the Taj will make you fall in love with Agra. Hence, if you want to celebrate your love with close-knit people, Agra should be your pick for a perfect Tamil Matrimonial. It's a 3-hour drive from Delhi and is easily accessible by air, road, and train, making it a perfect place for everyone attending the wedding. 
  1. Hampi: One of the most popular destinations in the world, Hampi offers some of the best temples and architecture in India. And if you are looking for a place that offers an impressive heritage backdrop, then Hampi has to be your pick. Hampi is a perfect escape from the hustle-bustle of the city and is one of the offbeat destinations that is slowly becoming a popular spot for destination weddings in India. So, if you love history and majestic architecture, Hampi has to be your place. Make sure to plan a winter wedding here, between November-February, to enjoy the functions to their fullest. PS: You will get some gorgeous pictures here, so don't shy away from planning your Tamil Matrimonial here. 
  1. Gokarna: If you are planning a beach-wedding, ditch Goa and opt for Gokarna instead. Located on the Southwestern coast of Karnataka, Gokarna and Kumta not only have some great beaches to offer, but they also have some of the most-visited holy temples. What else do you need for your Tamil matrimonial when you get the pristine beaches and spirituality together in one place. Gokarna is less crowded as compared to other beach destinations in India, hence you must consider it as an option for a dreamy beach wedding. Be it the Om beach or the Kudle beach, several beaches in Gokarna are raw and untouched.

So, if you are planning a Tamil Matrimony of your dreams, make sure to check out these locations. Each of these locations has an otherworldly charm that will make everything better. Do let us know which of these locations would you pick for your destination wedding in the comments below. And if you have any other destinations in mind, we would love to know that too.

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