5 Dating Tips To Impress Her on The First Date


Women are unpredictable and you never know what might affect their mood. There can be literally like million ways. So, it is better to know some handy dating tips to leave a lasting impression on your first date itself. 

The first date with someone gives the first impression about you as a person. Naturally, it is crucial to be watchful about your manners and behavior with your date. Also, most women are extremely picky and might reject you for unthinkable reasons. But you cannot jest about them either, after all, they have led several eras full of torment and submission. So, the behavior is, I guess, self-explanatory. 

However, all you can do is be your best and act gentlemanly no matter what to impress her for marriage! Also, basic formal courtesy and politeness will add to your value. But that is not enough. If you wish to impress her and want to continue with the same girl, you need more!

Thus, below-given are a few dating tips and tricks to enchant her entirely after the first meeting and she might even wish to marry you. You can also follow these tips in the future to avoid big fights and clashes. Go through the points for your first date!

Gentlemanly gesture

Gesture tells a lot about a person’s behavior and leaves a lasting impression on people’s mind. So make sure your gestures are all humble and sweet. Guys can follow some of these matchmaking tips to make sure a girl is liking them.

  • Stand when she comes. 
  • Ask forgiveness if she is already there before you and start with a formal introduction and shaking hands.
  • Open the gate and hold it for her if you both enter together.
  • Pull a chair for her and ask if she is comfortable.
  • Ask what would she like to eat or drink and order it.
  • Compliment her in a subtle way.

These points will set the tone for your gentle behavior and she would want to know more about you!

No lewd comments!

It is one of the most imperative and ‘always follow’ points. Do not make any vulgar remarks or lewd comments on your first date with a girl. She might give a faint smile but she will definitely not like it on your first meeting with her. 

However, it is different when you guys come into a relationship or get comfortable with each other. But doing the same on your first date will only put you on the top of her hate list. So, only compliment her gently for her looks, hair, eyes, dress, etc. You can also tell her that the color she is wearing is actually looking good on her and she should wear more of it.

Complete attention

Relationship or no relationship, girls prefer undivided attention. You must remember that she will always have more people to ‘attend’ than you. So, it is better if you spend less time on your phone and more on noticing her details. 

Make her realize that you are completely into her while you are with her. You both already knew your urgencies and planned for this date when there were none. So, make sure no one and nothing seems more important than her at that moment. However, exceptions are excusable.

Insist to pay the bill

Unlike before, women today are independent and want to pay their own bills no matter what. But do not assume anything and you must insist to pay the entire amount as a courtesy. However, let her pay or split it in half if she wants it that way. 

Such a gesture will establish you as a mature person in front of her. She might even get the ‘Jeevansaathi’ vibes from you to respect her for her choices and not feel bad about it. 

Ask things about her

Showing significant interest in her will also raise her interest in you. You can ask questions like how did she come, who all are there in her family, etc to begin the conversation. Then, shift your attention to her hobbies, career, future plans, thought process, etc. These questions will also help you later with the marriage proposal

You can even remind her of something she randomly told you on a call. This dating tip will surely arouse her interest in you and she will adore you for remembering tiny details. Girls like it more when their date wants to know so much about them on a first date.

So, guys can follow these matchmaking dating tips on their first date to leave a lasting impression on women. These tips will make sure that she will not stop thinking about you or texting you quite early after the date ends. 

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