5 Dating Tips for Women in Widow Matrimony

widow matrimony

Look at history and you will see that the world has always been harsh on women. But widows have a complete history of going through the torture and miseries inflicted by society. Naturally, registration in widow matrimony or going on dates after the husband’s death is still taboo. 

For men, people might accept their second marriage after divorce, but the same is not the case with widows. Even dating options are less for them. They might also have to go through constant questioning and disapproval for choosing to move ahead with life. So, it is primarily imperative for such women to be strong and learn to take a stand for themselves. 

Even the men, with you, go on a date, might ask some improper or uncomfortable questions about you. Some of them might even judge you for the choices you made or making currently. So, be prepared to face the truth of society and stick to these 5 dating points to get your match. The tips will act as a perfect guide for women from widow matrimony who want to move ahead with their life!

Stay Confident

Confidence is the sexiest and best attire one can wear on dates or in general also. It will refine your body language and attract the attention of your date. However, its significance increases when women from window matrimony choose to accept their identity with confidence. 

A confident woman is enough alone to break the shackles of stereotypes and taboos. Make sure to become one before anyone dares to judge you for your personal choices. It will alone set the tone of your strong personality on a date. Also, a genuine guy might fall for you for the strong persona you projected. 

Choose your Identity

Always remember that widowhood is just your situation, not your identity. So, never let people define you by that. Your dress code, gender, caste, color, marital status, etc. can only be the facets of you, not the complete YOU. 

Thus, be who you are and stay proud about it always. The guy may or may not like you for your straight behavior but you will definitely end up making a better choice. So, not shunning away from your real self can act as a perfect matchmaker for any widow. 

Don’t get intimidated

Do not get timid or think less of yourself in front of your date. You must remember that you both are just human with different situations in life. So, think of him as your equal and start a conversation likewise. 

Do not expect your date to accept you if you have not accepted your choices completely. It is quite probable that he will like you for being out front and smart decisions even after a huge setback. Thus, don’t let any trivialities bother you once you have set a foot forward. 

Avoid pre-assumptions and insecurities

Making assumptions even before meeting your date can be fatal. It might make you look haughty and self-absorbed on dates. Every guy is not similar. Some of them might just like you for who are. Also, he can be mature enough to understand, that your marital status is just one of the aspects of your life. It cannot be your entire life. 

However, your pre-assumptions will make you critical of him and you may end up losing your perfect match forever. Also, the insecurities about yourself will never let you breathe in peace and go for a second option through widow matrimony. 

Be open about yourself

If you wish to make your dates successful, complete acceptance and opening up are the keys. Discuss your thoughts about re-marriage and the future with your date and let him understand your state of mind. 

Also, you can connect with someone through the widower-widow matrimony at Betterhalf to get like-minded matches. It will reduce the chances of self-questioning and doubts about lasting marriage in the future. Also, it will be easier for you two to make adjustments for a healthy relationship. 

So, these are some of the most impactful tips which will act as a perfect matchmaker for widows. However, these points do not guarantee that your date will like you for your self-acceptance. But the right person will surely fall for you because of the same. Thus, do not fall into a trap set by society for women and live life on your conditions for a happy future.

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