5 Dating Tips for Divorcees

divorcee matrimony

Are you having second thoughts about going on a date after divorce? We understand that divorce is still a taboo in many parts of India, mostly for women. Even after creating their profiles on divorcee matrimony, many people are not comfortable dating or meeting new people. They get multiple thoughts like, what others will think, what to talk about on dates, is the right time to move forwards, and whatnot!

Most of the time you end up canceling plans and struggle with the thoughts in silence. It will only get you more frustrated and sad about the situation. However, it is better to stop the blame game and take charge of your life to lead it from the front. You cannot control what happened but you can surely make your future better by taking the right decision in the future.

It is different if you do not wish to date or marry anyone now. But if you do, you must not shun dating thoughts anytime soon. These dating tips will help you prepare yourself to meet your interests for a date.

Do not judge

If you wish people to judge you less, you must also do the same to them. It will be better if you do not have pre-conceived ideas in your head about your date. Do not assume that they are thinking less of you or judging you for your life choices. You are completely eligible to live life your choice as any other person ever!

So, allow them their time to mingle and share their own thoughts about your situation and their take on divorces. Today’s youth are usually understanding and do not grind people for being different or facing difficulties in life. Thus, meet your date with a clear mind and behave normally like any other dating couple.

Do not feel obligated

Remember, your marital status does not obligate you to do anything you do not wish for! 

If your date is asking any improper or too personal questions, you have every right to deny it. Tell them that their behavior or talks are making you uncomfortable and you are not ready to have that kind of conversation currently. Your personal space and choices matter as much as anyone else and NO ONE has a right to ruin that. 

However, if they already took your permission and you are comfortable enough to answer their questions, Go for it! The whole point is not letting people come into your personal space unless you are ready for it.

Understand their thought process

If you are going on random dates, it is fine. If not, you must try to navigate your partner’s thought process before moving ahead with them. 

You surely do not want your next marriage to end up in divorce. Thus, it is better to check for compatibility percentage and make sure he/she is your perfect one! Also, try to understand their perspective and how they wish to lead lives after marriage. It is more probable to get compatibility and understanding issues in your second marriage. So, make sure you notice the red flags on a date to avoid any complications further. 

Make informed decisions

Most people from divorcee matrimony only look for serious relationships while dating. They eventually like it to end up in marriages. So, it is better you cut the chase and try to know all about the person before moving to the next step. Everything from their actions, thoughts, family, and children to their financial status, etc. matters. 

Thus it is better you gather maximum information and know all about it to get a complete picture. You do not want to repeat the mistakes or situations that ended your previous marriage. So, be very vigilant and analytic about your partner this time!

Be transparent

If you are about to head for a serious relationship with your date, let them know all about you!

Maintain complete transparency with your dating partner and tell them all about your situation and thought process. If either or both of you have kids, discuss their future, and make plans for them. You can also bring your kids along when the next time you meet each other. It is equally imperative for them to know about your future partner and mingle with him/her. Otherwise, you might face adjustment problems in the future. 

So, these are some of the dating tips divorcees can follow for a successful date. Make sure you do not miss out on any of these points to ensure a healthy marriage afterward. All the best!

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