5 Church Wedding Decor Ideas You Must Checkout For Your Christian Matrimonial

Christian Matrimonial

When you attend Christian matrimony, you feel like you are in a fairyland. Beautiful white drapes, royal decor, stunning churches, and picture-perfect locations make Christian matrimonial a must-attend. The bride and the groom look no less than a king and queen, whereas everyone attending the wedding looks no less than royalty. And if you are planning some wedding, or having your wedding, then here are five church wedding decor ideas that you must check out for your wedding. They are tasteful and will work with the theme you have in mind. So read on, and you can thank us later. 

Church Wedding Decor Perfect For Your Christian Matrimony 

Decor For Entrance

Be it an Indian wedding or a Christian matrimonial, entrance is the first thing that everyone notices. Hence, when it comes to your Christian wedding, we have some tasteful decor options for you. If you want to keep it simple, you can decorate the entrance with purple ribbons and white flowers. If you want to go all out with floral decor, you can have a floral stand at the entrance or a floral frame with the couple's name written on it. From lilies to tulips, you can choose a plethora of flowers to decorate the entrance. You can also use various ribbons and curtains for the decor to give it that royal feel. If you are having an evening wedding, don't forget to add fairy lights, they are classic and never go out of style. 

Decor For Pews

When it comes to Church weddings, one decor you cannot miss out on is the decor of the Pews. They add that royal vibe to the Christian matrimony and make it more dreamy. They not only add wholesomeness to the decor but give a majestic look to the entrance as well. So for the pews, you could either experiment with floral decor and use flowers like orchids or baby breath, or opt for satin drapes, which can either be in purple or red colour. If you want to try something unique, you can also hang small lanterns to give pews a classic touch. Besides, you can also add some cute photo cards, flowers or scented fake flowers to add that final touch to it. 

Decor For Altar

This is the place where everything becomes permanent. You can I do to the love of your life and become man and wife. Hence, when it comes to the decor of this place, it has to be something special. Something that not only resonates with the theme but extrudes royalty. From hanging antique chandeliers to vintage chairs for the couple, there's a lot that one can do. You can also decorate the altar with beautiful candles, and add a personal touch with a photo hanging consisting of your pictures. Different shapes of floral decor, fruit decor, paper mache, etc., can be used to add a fun vibe to the wedding. You can also opt for mirror wall hangings for the altar. 

Wedding Banquet Decor

Usually, in a Christian Matrimonial, a reception takes place right after the wedding, and people choose the church ground for the reception. And if you too are planning to do the same, how about opting for fairy light decor? You can use light danglers or small bottles with fairy lights in them. The fairy lights add a nice charm to the venue. And if not fairy lights, you can opt for flowers, satin drapes, mini umbrellas, balloons and small stars to decorate the space. Just remember, whatever you use should complement the theme, look good, and not overpower the couple's outfits. 

Decor For The Aisle

As a bride, the most special day of your life is when you walk down the aisle. There's nothing like that feeling ever. So for the aisle, you can keep it simple by adding a red carpet for your entry. Or your bridesmaids can ask the guests to shower rose petals on you at your entrance. Besides, when you enter, your bridesmaids can also hold small lanterns in their hands when you make an entrance. Such dainty but precious details will add an otherwordly charm to the aisle. 

So if you are planning Christian matrimony and are looking for some idea inspirations, then definitely consider one of these options. And if you have something in mind, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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