4 Common Mistakes Women Make With Their Online Profile Pictures


Profile Picture, commonly known as DP (Display Picture) among the common mass, is considered the first entry point for any individual who is looking to engage with you. On dating platforms, profile pictures are a crucial part of a user’s identity. One of the common problems women face on dating or matrimony platforms is the low number of matches they get. And one of the reasons behind this is the mistake they make with their online profile pictures. 

So, what exactly is the problem with profile pictures? Well, suppose you connected with someone on a dating platform. You are all excited about meeting this new person. But when you show up to finally meet them, they look different than they did in their profile. Well, if you are someone who is using photos that don’t truly represent what you look like now, you might reconsider your planning all over. Well, we will help you in the same. We are sharing some of the common mistakes women make with their online profile pictures so that you can learn and rectify them. 

People Do Judge A Book By Its Cover. 

Contrary to popular opinion, people judge a book by its cover. We aren’t reducing women to the extent of books. But in this case, your profile picture is the same as a book cover. Consider this situation: You’re almost set to explore the world of marriage. In an ideal world, all women want to be carefully chosen as the most suitable one by men. But suddenly you realize most of your recent pictures are selfies or you are struggling to peep in through a bunch of other faces or even worse, a blurry and tainted photograph! 

Finding no luck in getting a decent man to connect with and message you? Is your inbox as empty as a house after getting robbed? If you’ve never contemplated it, we are sorry to break the news but it’s your profile. Maybe it is because you’ve recently come out of a long relationship and you never felt the importance of mastering the art of building an attractive profile on a dating platform.  

No Second Chances On Making A First Impression

Considering the ever-decreasing attention span of people, you don’t get much time to impress someone on marriage apps. Here, you don’t get second chances. If you’re wearing sunglasses with a shabby backdrop or the half of your face is covered by your pet dog ‘Snowy’, or your back is towards the camera while you’re admiring the beauty of the setting sun - You’re silently signaling about your low self-esteem. Now tell us do you want to make a person see yourself as a disappointment as the first emotion? Certainly Not!  

The right way to put a profile picture on a dating platform is something that reflects your actual personality. We would recommend it! Irrespective of how big an introvert or extrovert you are, make sure that pictures are reflective of yourself, hobbies, and your real-world interests. 

Don't Make Them Play ‘Guess Who’ Game

One of the biggest turn-offs on dating or matrimony platforms is group pictures. You don’t want someone to come on your profile and play the guessing game of ‘Which one is you among 10 other people in the picture?’ Okay, Okay, we are considering your social nature and we also believe that you look amazing in your fashionista look. We know you’d like him to investigate further in your profile to gradually reveal the fascinating layered mystery box that you are. But here’s a gentle reminder: he’s not as much time as you think he has and not going past your first photograph. 

Pro tip: Don’t be hesitant. Allow people to perceive your actual self. Put your confident self forward. It will only help you in the long run.

Looks Canc Be Deceptive

Filters are everywhere. Everywhere. By the time you finish reading this sentence, there will be at least one new filter on Instagram. ‘Lark? Reyes? or Willow?’, in a world of Instagram that offers us so many filter options, one would like to be familiar with it to learn about it. Filtered photos are enticing if used properly. However, it doesn’t add anything new to your persona. 

And if you are unaware of the silent judgments people make solely based on your profile photo, we are sorry to break this news to you - People do judge. A grainy low-resolution photo won’t help you pursue your betterhalf. And if you even think about posting a photo from five years ago, then my lady give your ‘husband search’ journey a break! Please, do! 

Any real individual wants to see the real you. It might backfire if your profile picture diverges too much from reality. That’s why it would be better to post a picture without the use of any filters and be brave enough to tell the world how beautiful you naturally are! 

If you have done any of the aforementioned mistakes with your online profile pictures, now is a good time to rectify them. If you keep our suggestions in mind, you will get a higher number of matches in no time. And soon, your Betterhalf. :)

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