11 Conversation Starters to Land You a Date in No Time


There has been a constant decline in the fan of phone calls lately. With each day, more and more people are opting for online conversations using alphabets and emojis to convey their feelings. When we talk of finding your compatible partner through dating apps, you cannot call someone directly once you get the match. If you are a woman user on such platforms, you must have a long scrollable list of such ‘Heys’ flooding your inbox. For a man, standing out in the crowd of innumerable ‘Heyssss!!!’ is a tough task but you can do the same by learning the art of conversation starters.

On dating platforms, most people struggle to find the perfect string of the first few words to get a second reply from a person they like. And, trust us, it’s not that person’s fault for not responding to your driest of hiees, heys or hellos. It’s not entirely yours too. It’s just you need to work on your conversation starter skills if you want to shine.  As they say, “the first impression is the last” and with chats on matrimony platforms, it certainly is the case.

So, we, at Betterhalf have decided to help you overcome this struggle which dates back to centuries, and unfortunately, is still alive. We understand that everyone should learn how to start a striking conversation on dating apps, and put together the finest one-liners to start a conversation with your to-be-betterhalf. While doing that, we’ve ensured that all types of people - introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts - can choose their compatible partners, and ride the online chats with much more confidence. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

“What’s that one thing that nobody would guess about you?

Well, this curious question of yours might work as a great ice-breaker as this holds a little mischievousness with some peppering of flirtatiousness. This will surely send an idea about your fascination and interest in the other person than the mundane hello sent by another user. If you think carefully, this question will make it obvious that you are here for some serious talks, and ready to go beyond a surface level while unhooking the freedom to reveal what s/he wants to share and doesn’t.

“You seem reserved, but even a reserved person has a party circle. Can I be a part of that group?”

This could prove to be a simple, quirky, no-harm kind yet fun question to put across someone you like. On dating platforms, this can be one of the perfect ways to predict if a person is playful, understands humor, and ride a joke home without taking any offense. Unless s/he is in an absolute bad mood or disinterested, chances to receive a reply to this are quite high.

What sort of things make you laugh out loud?

You come across a profile. You instantly want to strike up a conversation. But you are not fully ready as you feel his/her profile seems a lil serious. Well, in such a case, move to a more carefree topic to shrug off the seriousness. You can try an unharmful, chill joke to lighten up the mood. Or better, you can initiate your conversation with this safe question. The beauty of this question is that it will instantly remind a person of the thing s/he feels happy about. And who doesn’t want to laugh, and share things that make them laugh their hearts out. It can be cheesiest pickup lines, political jokes or a particular scene in a movie. Whatever that can get the conversation flowing is a great initial sign for your relationship.

If it’s not for money, how would you like to spend your life?

This intelligent and thoughtful question can be a game-changer in the journey of finding your betterhalf online. The reason being it sheds light and feeling into your conversation. The person with whom you want to crack a conversation will instantly feel interested in the question. Suppose she says she would watch every television series ever produced staying home, and you’re an outdoor-adventure guy, this will highlight the difference in your life choices to align your compatibilities in the long run.

What’s been the most significant year of your life so far?

Showing interest in the time - When she experienced the most significant things in her life - can definitely make your conversation thoughtful, connected, reflective, and meaningful. However, we would not advise you to use it as a conversation starter. But once you’ve exchanged a few messages, and if you are feeling like your conversation is not on the right path, dive deeper with this question to get back on track and connect on a personal level.

What is one thing would you try for sure, before you die?

Instant ignition of endless imagination and possibilities —Well, these are the results that this interesting question will give. Also, you can get major insights into a person’s future goals and life priorities. On dating platforms, this question helps you gauge your compatible partner’s nature - Whether they’re philanthropic, an outdoor junkie with a killer bucket list, or and everything in between.

If you were stranded on an island alone, and could take three things with you, what would they be?

Well, this is one of the popular questions you could ask a person. And don’t worry about making if your betterhalf will be off guard as long as your intentions are playful. This question will scratch beyond the surface and you will find out about the three most valuable things to them and their significance in their lives. The answer could also be an indicator of a person’s outlook towards things in general.

“How many people have you ignored so far because all their messages said ‘Hi’?”

Well, this one is our favorite. You remember how much we talked about dry hiees. Well, you can hit the sweet spot by referring to the same thing through a question. The question seems legit to most of the girls and the hotcakes. There must be gazillion random ‘hi’ messages clogging their inbox on the app, and how smart is it to knock ‘em off taking that fact under account? It will show you are clever and witty at the same time. Isn’t it? 😉

“*Insert flower emoticons* Here are some chosen flowers before we kick start that conversation.”

Well, we can’t argue with this one. When nothing works, flowers will be your savior. This will surely work wonders on girls (unless guys are going for flowers these days. Well, who knows!). The thing about sending flowers as the conversation starts is quite simple, genuine and intriguing. By this, you also give your betterhalf the perfect opportunity to choose for herself and guess the reaction.

“I hope it works out between us but our only similar interest is ‘cooking’ Maggi. Where do we go from here? :D”

There cannot be more clickbaity than Maggi and we promise you, this one would surely fetch you a response. Oh, you want the reason? Well, first, who doesn’t love Maggi? And second, if not this, what else could be an indicator of why you two should be having a conversation in the first place on dating platforms.

“Are you ready to lie about how we met?”

Accept this that it brought a smile to your face. It is sly, cute, and funny. There are high chances that the person on the other side of the conversation would also smile after reading this. And the thing about possibilities to your conversation this single question can generate. Well, now is the right time to send the first message to your potential betterhalf.  

Well, now you cannot complain about how you don’t have any conversation starters. By now you must have picked your favorite conversation starter among the ones we told. What was your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below.

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