What if a love story had no hurdles? What if it goes straight to love forever?

“Is a love story worthy enough to be called a love story if it didn’t have to go through tough times and complications?” - If you are a diehard fan of Bollywood romantic movies, you must’ve come across this. Our answer would be a big YES. Because in real life, not every couple has to go through a series of struggles to get their betterhalf. Rohit and Yogita are one of those lucky couples. And we believe it is beautiful. Isn't it amazing when a couple gets to meet their life partners without facing any hurdles in the journey?

And guess what made all this possible? Well, an App. Betterhalf made sure that both Rohit and Yogita found each other to start a beautiful journey together. They met on our platform first, talked, fell in love, said yes, and are now ready to get married after a two-year romance. We feel like sharing their modest yet beautiful journey with all of you so that you could also believe that not every love story is bombarded with complications. Here’s our quick conversation with Rohit. 

“How did you guys connect?” - The first question that each of us asks from couples around us. Keeping the tradition alive, when we asked the same question to Rohit, who is in the IT Industry, his answer was pretty simple. 

Well, Yogita is a graphic designer. We connected on the app and soon exchanged numbers. Both of us could observe our similar interests and goals as well. After a few good conversations, we decided to take it forward and planned to meet. 

As soon as Rohit mentioned MEETING, we got pretty excited. Because, hey, first meetings are beautiful! There’s so much happening there. Butterflies in your belly, confusion about what to wear, the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time, shyness, and so many other things make first meetings memorable. The first meeting is sort of a gateway to a lifelong journey. Explaining his first meeting with Yogita, Rohit said.

“We planned to meet in Pune and decided to go for a cup of coffee. On our way, we saw this cool Pub called Agent Jack in KP. Had a couple of drinks there and had a really good time. Pretty much a simple date, with simple, heart-to-heart conversations.”

Usually, couples find it harder to pinpoint one exact thing that they like about each other. Despite knowing this, when we asked Rohit about what he liked most about Yogita, he said,Honestly and simply? EVERYTHING! She is this short, simple, and very beautiful woman. I also know for a fact that she likes my eyes a lot and I like that she likes that. :p”

Right from the beginning, we wanted to ask Rohit about the proposal as each one of us is so fascinatingly curious about the special ways people propose to their loved ones. Talking about it, Rohit said:

There was no proposal as such. I was in from the very beginning, even before we met for the first time, and she sort of knew that. She, on the other hand, waited for us to meet and let me know in person that it’s a YES from her side too.”

Parents are usually a bit apprehensive about deciding marriage partners through apps and websites, but when Rohit told us, “Fortunately, our parents are very open-minded and respected our decisions, there were no hurdles for us on that part. They happily gave their blessings.”, we immediately sent lots of hugs and appreciation to their parents:p 

For us Indians, the whole idea of marriage is pretty special. In our country, marriage is an event. Food. Dance. Music. Rituals. In short, beautiful and designed chaos all around. Talking about his plans of marriage, Rohit said:

In these two years of relationship, we mutually planned the wedding. It’s happening in Rajasthan, a proper Rajput wedding. Yogita and I have been saving money for the same. And it’s finally happening!! We have planned a two-day wedding with traditional events like Haldi, mehndi, sangeet, engagement, reception. It’ll be a Rajasthani style with lots of colors, flowers, and more...

Oh, and taking advantage of the situation, we shamelessly asked if we were invited to the wedding. To which, Rohit said, “Yesss you are definitely welcomed:P”

We didn’t want to end this conversation as who wants to stop hearing about a love story so beautiful? But, sadly, we had to end because Rohit had to go prepare for the wedding, and we couldn't stop him from doing that. But before letting him go, we asked about his favorite memory with Yogita to date. And Rohit’s answer certainly made us shed a tear or two. 

 “There have been a lot, but last year's birthday stands out. I cannot forget that. She contacted all my friends and made a video of them and my family wishing me. I felt super special that day, and I loved how she made an effort.”

Betterhalf.ai wishes Rohit and Yogita lots of joyful moments, happy & peaceful married life, and most importantly, togetherness forever…

-with love, for love.

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