Two IT professionals, One Pandemic love story

Is it worth it to wait for the "one"? Is it still possible to find love in the midst of a pandemic? And when rightly done, can technology bring you closer to love? 

Guess people find love in the most unexpected ways.

We had a fun conversation with Siddharth and here is what he shared about his journey with Disha...

“So I installed the betterhalf app last year but I didn't match with anyone really and then  took the Betterhalf’s premium subscription this year in May when I got pretty serious about finding someone who is meant for me. Whereas Disha installed it 4-5 months ago, then deleted her account very soon.  She reinstalled it on 7th May and who knew we’ll be partners for life now? It simply amazes me how you end up connecting to the right person, it’s almost as if she installed the app again for me:p” 

“Initially I was getting a few matches but they weren't serious enough. And the wait made me realise how perfect it is with Disha. We are legit in the same frequency when it comes to career, likes & dislikes, in terms of understanding. Both of us are good listeners so it’s been perfect and quick ever since” 

“Not to forget that the two of us have a lot in common- travelling, music and the fact that both of us are career oriented which is the precise foundation of our relationship. We have amazing conversations every time about technology and a lot more where we simply lose the track of time and that’s how we know how good of pair we are” 

“26th June, 2021 is when we met for the first time and went for a long drive. Hopping from one place to another which we luckily found to be open and in the evening we sat for a drink. 

You know what’s the best part? Both of us have intentions of getting married  so we have always been clear with each other and spend a lot of time chatting about all the practical stuff like taking hypothetical situations and how will we handle them in the future, together”


“A moment together that still makes me laugh was over a video call, where she slipped out of bed while talking and I was like what just happened? She simply disappeared while laughing. I think it was so cute:p”

“Before Disha, I was looking for a partner for over a year and other matrimony portals didn't help much but Betterhalf is a platform I will cherish forever. In fact I wanted to get in touch with the team to express gratitude. So THANK YOU for making this happen”

Soooo yes! True love probably would walk in when it’s unexpected and I feel it is well worth it to not settle. oh ! & also an app made with love will undoubtedly help you discover "the one," because pandemic or no pandemic, holds the belief that you deserve love just like everyone else. 

With happy tears in our eyes and joys in our hearts, we continue to make love happen.

-with love, for love.

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