Why Betterhalf App Is The Best For Millennials Looking For A Companion

From shopping to sending e-invites to planning your dream destination online, the wedding space in our world has changed prominently. And now, when it comes to getting things done online, we millennials surely know how to make the most of the digital world. And that is the very reason why we resort to dating and matrimonial apps to find ONE for ourselves. It’s perfectly okay to meet people and find love offline, however, THE ONE online is not only simpler but is more convenient too. Considering the busy lifestyle we follow, finding love online seems less like a task. 

Today, there are more than 1000 dating apps and matrimonial apps that help you find love online. But not all are safe. However, there's one app made for millennials looking for love - Betterhalf.ai India's only AI-powered app that functions without parental intervention. It helps you find the one based on your interest and likings. So if you are planning to get back into the online pool, here are five reasons why betterhalf is the best app for millennials.  

5 Reasons Why Millennials Should Choose Betterhalf App 

  1. Betterhalf Considers Personality First: When you sign on to other apps, you have to fill in tonnes of things like caste, background, religion, etc. But when it comes to Betterhalf, the app solely focuses on you and your liking. While registering on the app, you have to take a 2-minute personality quiz, which helps the algorithms analyze your personality trait. Once you take the quiz, the app selects profiles based on your interest, expectations, and personality. As millennials, we don't believe in caste and background much. For us, compatibility and mutual understanding is everything. And that's when the Betterhalf app steps in and makes sure you find the one based on your interest and not based on other societal things.  
  1. Betterhalf App Believes In Six-Level Verification Process: While creating a profile online, we do have our set of concerns. Especially females are too hesitant to share all the details and pictures on a matrimonial site, keeping the fraudulent people in mind. However, that's when Betterhalf sets to be different from the rest. As millennials, we also prefer security over everything. And with data privacy becoming an issue, people now fear their details and data more than before. However, to ensure that people have a pleasant experience online, the betterhalf app uses a six-level profile verification technique. As a part of this technique, the app not only verifies the user's phone number but also carefully analyzes their work email, personal email, government ID, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And in their continuous efforts to build a safe community online, Betterhalf, with rigorous verification techniques, tries to keep fake profiles at bay. 
  1. The App Focuses More On Intent: When it comes to dating app or matrimonial apps, not everyone comes online to find a partner or get hitched; some create a profile to have fun as well. While several apps try to keep the creeps at bay, they are not always successful. And that's how the Betterhalf app is different from the rest. When you create a profile on betterhalf, your intent will be mentioned on your profile. And based on that- you will get matches. . For example, if you have joined the app to get hitched, the app will help you look for a similar intent profile. And if you intend to find someone for dating, you'll be shown a similar profile. With this feature, you will not have to waste your time with someone who does not have the same intention as you. 
  1. Betterhalf Is Here To Make Your Life Simple: As millennials, we want everything fast and NOW. With the hectic life we are living, we don't have enough time to spend on one thing. And when we sign up on a dating app or a matrimonial app, the last thing we want to do is the arduous sign-up process. And if you are sick and tired of the lengthy registration process, the Betterhalf app is perfect for you. Betterhalf is known for its single-click onboarding process. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the app works on a technology that predicts language, salary insights, community, and partner preferences of users in a single click. And thanks to this feature of the betterhalf app, the onboarding process is done within a few seconds.
  1. It's All About You On Betterhalf: When it comes to finding a suitable match online, parents usually prefer setting up a profile for their children. Many parents make a profile on behalf of their children online. While some are okay with this interference, others have a problem. And that's why we think the Betterhalf app is a game-changer here. The app has no parental intervention policy., So when you sign up on the app, it's you who makes the decision and not your parents. So whose profile you want to accept or reject- completely depends on you. At Betterhalf, your personality matters- it keeps the intervention of parents at bay and encourages the bride/groom to take the first step.

So dear millennial, if you are looking to find the ONE of your life, we suggest you look no further since Betterhalf is for you. The app understands you and strives hard to help you find the best while securing all your confidential information. So what are you waiting for? Sign up on the betterhalf app right away. And say yes to finding love the AI way. On that note, what is one deal-breaker for you while communicating with someone online? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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