Today, We Will Bust The Popular Myths Associated With The AI Matchmaking

Let’s give you a plot! Two people, living far away from each other, met each other on a platform backed by Artificial Intelligence. Liked each other and got married.

You must be thinking - So, what? It’s pretty normal these days. What’s here to wonder about? Well, if someone had told the same thing a decade ago, it surely would’ve sounded like the plot of a blockbuster gripping science fiction movie. 

But in the current age of technology, it is a reality. Science fiction you imagined in the past is the new present. It would be hard for us to find parts of our current life that have remained untouched by artificial intelligence. It has been pushing the boundaries for development in different verticals, and guess what? Matchmaking or matrimony is one of them. In the age of traditional matchmaking, who would’ve thought that people will find their betterhalf with the help of AI. But, matrimony and partner search can be made extremely seamless and efficient with the help of AI and machine learning. 

But (And there is a big but) every new and evolving thing that replaces traditional things comes with its share of myths and doubts. And Artificial Intelligence is no different from other things. Leave others, if we ask you to trust on a new thing, you would also think twice. Right? So, it's human nature to doubt something unknown to them. 

Well, the best way to trust something is to know about them. If you are someone who is against matrimony powered by AI, this post could be a good read for you. The reason being we will be busting a few popular myths associated with AI Matchmaking. Let’s dive right in so that you can give AI another chance. 

1. “It is a de-humanized approach for an inherently humane process.”

Yes, we accept that matrimony platforms run on technology. But that doesn’t render the overall matchmaking process a dehumanized one. Artificial intelligence enhances the overall process by helping you connect with compatible and like-minded people. Wondering how? Well, based on its iterative probabilistic update learning method, Betterhalf AI Engine tries to understand your preferences in terms of what kind of partner you are looking for. So, in a way, technology is improving user experience and not the other way round. However, once you are on the app, how you want to steer the process is totally up to you. Artificial Intelligence will help you make the process real quick. Also, with the power of AI, the chances of you finding a compatible partner increase. 

2. “Huh, Only Desperate People would opt for AI while Looking for Partners. I am not one of Them.”

In our society, people who choose alternative methods to find their compatible partner are generally frowned upon. Tell them about matrimonial platforms powered by technology and they might stop talking to you at all. But if you go to the root of this myth, it largely stems from the fact that people see AI-based matchmaking methods as something that does not fall in their definition of ‘normal’. 

On one hand, we have reached closer to exploring new avenues of meeting partners as you can see from the explosion of numerous e-dating platforms around us. And on the other hand, we are yet to leave the stigma behind that people use these platforms out of desperation. However, that is not the case with the AI Matrimony - It runs as per your inputs and curates a specific set of matches for you. So, you don’t need to worry about the unpredictability of the negative and fake people there. 

3. “I Will Lose Control Over the Process of Searching for a Partner.”

Absolutely wrong! Let us tell you why - Because you will always be the only one who will have control over the whole process. Matrimony platforms are powered by artificial intelligence doesn’t mean you don’t have the control. On such platforms, AI as technology will first spend some time with your likes, dislikes, and preferences. Based on this, it will scan through thousands of potential matches before giving you a small set of compatible matches 

Post that, you can have all the freedom about how you want to take your connection forward. We promise you that right from the beginning till the end of the process, you stay in charge. What Artificial Intelligence simply does is reduce randomness from the picture. Therefore, win-win!

Now that we have debunked some of the myths related to AI matchmaking for you, we are so much excited to open a new world filled with possibilities for you. On your journey of searching for a partner? Haven’t met ‘The One' you’ve been waiting for? Well, maybe it’s time for you to try

We are proud to tell you that we are India’s first AI-powered life partner search experience for professionals like you. We follow a six-dimension personality profile approach, we take a deep dive into your personality to understand the ‘real you’ and curate hand-picked profiles you love. So, you should not waste a single second and sign up right now.

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