How Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Work At Betterhalf?

Until and unless you have not been spending your life in some cave of Himalayas, you must have noticed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been changing our lives each day, bit by bit. There is hardly an aspect of our life which we can claim untouched by it. The chances of you reading this because of AI have more chances than finding this particular piece all by yourself.

What if we tell you that now AI can help you find your marriage partner? Well, At, we help you do exactly this. We’ve built a system where you can find your potential life partners using AI. Every brand has something to be proud of, and we are particularly proud of our AI algorithms. With the combined power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we offer individuals an AI-backed matrimonial platform where they can fulfill their marriage goals in a simple, convenient and quick manner.

Here are the top three areas on our platform where AI makes the process smoother as compared to other platforms.

1. Matches Predicted by AI With One-click Onboarding

As soon as you sign up on our platform, our AI comes into action without wasting a single second. Once you sign up using your email/ phone number/Facebook, our AI takes an overview of your basic information such as first name, last name, date of birth, marital status, etc. It helps us to showcase to you the number of users that would tick off your expectations of a future matrimonial partner. Now, you will need to put in some additional information - Hometown, Height, Highest Qualification, How early you want to settle down, etc. Answer them accurately. Once you submit this information, our AI will give you what it has learned about you. And you will be amazed at the results, that's our promise.

2. Compatibility Test

Our Compatibility Test has proved to be a breakthrough in finding your marriage partners online. This test consists of a questionnaire formulated by experts. It will take you only three minutes to fill in all the answers. Through this test, our AI understands you from the lens of 16 behavioral traits and generates recommended matches with individuals as per your personality and opinions. All of this, just in a couple of minutes.

When we talk about the current matrimony process, our matching algorithm powered by AI is one of the most-talked-about features among users. It’s because it works on the concept of any other relationship in the world — The more time you spend with it, the better it will understand you. Simply put, during the time you will be sending connection requests, the AI will keep learning about the preferences of your desired partner in the background. Once your matches increase over time, our AI will be able to recommend you a perfect match that can be your partner for life.

3. Selfie Verification - Ensuring safety through AI

Safety while finding love and potential partners through our platform is our topmost concern as, without it, you cannot be yourself. And the whole process would be futile. That’s why we have introduced AI-powered selfie verification in real-time, which ensures that the person in the photo is the same IRL. Our unique AI continuously looks for fake and scam profiles to give you a pleasant and safe experience on our matrimony platform. We also evaluate profiles regularly to ensure that you are talking to a person whose heart is at the right place.

Matches are made in heaven, they say. None of us know how real heaven looks. So, at, we try to make an AI heaven where you find your matches in a safe space and live happily after.

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