From Activation To Selfie Verification: Here’s Your Step By Step Process To Use The Betterhalf App

The internet has a lot of matrimony sites and apps. Every second day, you can find a new Indian matrimony app on the net- however, not every site is simple to use. But when it comes to - the revolutionary app is not only easy to use but also comes with high-security features. 

With an AI-powered algorithm, Betterhalf app helps you find matches based on your interests and personality traits. The fastest-growing app is available on both iOS and Android, and recommends profiles based on your predicted preferences and compatibility. So if you are done with the traditional matrimony apps, and want to try something more millennial and trustworthy, here's how you can use Betterhalf to find the right ONE for yourself. 

Who Can Use

To maintain its authenticity and to make sure that only people who are serious about marriage get on the app, Betterhalf app only lets people aged between 25 & 40 get on the app. 

Steps To Create Your Profile On 

You can register on the app within one minute, and for that, all you have to do is install the app from the play store or app store. You can then sign up using your Facebook account or  your  mobile number. 

For Signing Up With Facebook Account 

If you're choosing to sign in using Facebook, you have to log in through your official Facebook ID. And once that's done, you will give us some permissions, and voila, you will become a part of the Betterhalf app. Don’t worry! No post or information is shared on social media. 

For Signing Up With Mobile Number 

You have to enter your mobile number and will then have to authenticate the number via an OTP that will be shared with you. After you enter the shared OTP, your profile gets created, and it's completely safe with us. We don't share the number with anyone.

Once the onboarding process is done, the patented One-click sign-up will create your profile automatically and set your match preferences based on AI and ML predictions which are 70 per cent accurate. However, if you wish to make any changes, you can edit them whenever you want. 

Ways To Edit/Add Pictures To Protect The Users From Fraud And Scams 

To keep the community safe from frauds and other creeps, you cannot directly change your birthdate, name, location, email id, and number. However, for some reason, if you want them to change, you can write an email at with the desired changes and government ID as proof of identity. If you want to edit other things besides this, all you have to do is, click on the left profile icon from the home screen, click on the display picture, and edit it. 

How To Use Selfie Verification on Betterhalf App

To ensure your safety is our topmost priority and to verify your profile, we have launched a selfie verification feature- where you have to click a real-time selfie. All you need to do to verify your identity, click a selfie and upload it on the system, and you’re done!

How To Use Personal Notes 

If you really like someone and want to make a special impression, then you can write a heartfelt note addressing them to gain extra attention. Your match will receive a connection request with a beautiful letter written by you. And if your match is interested, it doubles up the chances of making a meaningful connection. 

So with everything explained, go make your profile NOW. 

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