Breaking Down The AI Partner-Search Process: How Exactly Works?

At, we pride ourselves for being India’s first AI-powered matrimonial platform where there is no involvement of parents. So, it’s a perfect place for urban Indians who want to take charge of finding their life partner by themselves. With the power of artificial intelligence, we ensure people find compatible matches as per their preferences and make their Shaadi happen as soon as possible. 

You would ask what is the need of AI in Indian matchmaking? Well, if you notice around yourself, you will find that every aspect of our life is touched by AI. So the real question is why not AI matchmaking! With a strategic vision to revolutionize how traditional matrimonial apps and websites function, Betterhalf strives to create a seamless and secure space for people finding their compatible life partner. 

But what is that thing that makes us different from many other matrimony platforms that you may have already used? And what is the role of AI in partner-search? How exactly does it work? We have come up with the answers to all your questions. Let’s read on! 

1. AI-based probabilistic iterative learning

The primary and foremost role of AI as a technology at Betterhalf is to enhance the matchmaking experience of users based on probabilistic iterative learning. 

You must be thinking what is this complex technical term that we suddenly dropped. Don’t worry. To understand you better as an individual and your partner preferences, we ask a few compatibility and background-based questions based on 100 traits. We record these findings to enhance your overall matchmaking experience. Besides this, Betterhalf combs through your social media profiles (we don’t do anything without your consent and we’ve access to only what you give permission! Nothing else!) to learn more about your personal and professional life. 

Now all of this shared data is the first hand data. We also have data from what we call ‘the secret sauce of happy marriages from the world’s largest partner genome project’. 

When you combine all of this knowledge in a process-oriented manner, you get superior compatible results that help you find your Betterhalf without any fuss! 

Sounds overwhelming? You don’t have to do any of this! For that, we are here. You just enjoy the serendipity of finding “THE ONE”.

2. Six-dimensional profiles

Honesty is our policy and it’s best. So, when we promise you true compatibility regarding your betterhalf, we mean it. Profiles at Betterhalf are created only after diving deep into your personality. We ensure to make it (and the same goes for other profiles i.e. potential matches as well) as authentic as possible so that you don't face any trouble finding your soulmate. To ensure this, we take six relationship dimensions into account — emotional, intellectual, relationship, moral values, physicality and social style. Now add the secret magic sauce of the AI-powered matchmaking process and you’re good to go! 

3. Six-level verification

It’s hard to be yourself and authentic at those matrimony platforms where you don’t feel safe. That’s why, at Betterhalf, safety and security of our users is our topmost priority. We understand the plight of female users, on online matchmaking platforms, who don’t feel safe sharing personal, intimate and sensitive information about themselves. They never let go of their guard. 

We make extra efforts to keep fraudulent, creepy, inappropriate, insensitive people away from our platforms, so that our users, especially females, can enjoy a pleasant and peaceful partner-search journey. 

Thinking about how we ensure that? We use rigorous six-level profile verification techniques at Betterhalf. Every profile has to undergo this verification before starting the journey. This includes a verification of the user’s mobile number, work email, personal email, government ID, Facebook and LinkedIn.

With all these cheques, the chances of having fake or unsuitable profiles is reduced to almost zero. We are committed and thorough in what we do, and our actions speak. 

4. Intent-based matchmaking

One of the biggest complaints that users make at online matrimony platforms is that not everybody comes with the same intent of finding their marriage partner. People are tired of the available traditional dating options because of the mismatch of the intent between them and their potential partner. 

Since it is the biggest hurdle, Betterhalf have got you covered for this. On every profile at our platform, you will see the intent mentioned as well. For example: This user is planning to settle down in 2+ years. Other than this, we’ve also been working on an update where the product will allow you to rate your matchmaking experience (Chill, the ratings will be private!) to keep ‘non-serious intent’ at bay.  Launching very soon, this upgrade will make the Betterhalf community a completely safe and secure platform. 

This intent feature also helps you save all the time in the world. The reason being you don’t have to go through a long, tiring and arduous process of getting to know someone only to realize that both of you have different intentions with regards to the relationship and marriage. Right at the start of your relationship, you both will be clear about each other’s intentions. 

We hope that you must have got all your answers by now. If you are ready to find your betterhalf, this is the best time to sign up! 

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