Artificial Intelligence is Changing The Way People Date Online. Let’s Understand How!

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Online Dating. Do you think they go together? Think again! One of them was pretty non-existent in our lives if we look back a few years. And today, it is hard to find one thing that is untouched by artificial intelligence. When we talk about online dating, a small pool of privileged people in our country used to know about online dating. It has existed since the era of ancient Yahoo chat rooms, or probably even before that. However, over the years, technology has improved by leaps and bounds and has revolutionized online dating as well. 

From the days when people didn’t know whether they are talking to a man or woman or some bot, online dating in today’s world provides much better transparency and authenticity to the overall experience. 

As we are making this statement, tell us honestly do modern online dating apps provide the same? You must've heard the horror stories of your friend’s friend being cheated on at some of the best online dating apps. We are not denying the fact that online dating has evolved. However, most of these apps have become a sophisticated makeover of the cruder versions we had all those years ago.

If you are sick of swiping left, right, and center at these apps but haven’t found your betterhalf yet, we have an incredible piece of good news! As you know AI is present in every little aspect of your life, we thought about why online dating should be untouched by it.

With, you can enjoy a whole new online dating experience powered by AI. 

Finding it hard to believe and wondering how things will take shape? Well, don’t worry! We are here to help you. Here are five ways how AI-powered dating and matrimony platforms are going to change traditional online dating behavior. 

Personalized Compatible Matches

When we say personalized matches, we mean in its truest sense. With the power of AI, you will get compatible matches as per your personality traits and behavior, unlike matches where you have to speak to flaky people different from you in every way possible. On traditional matrimony apps, there is an abundance of unfit choices that are nothing but a waste of your time. Do you know why this happens? Well, because of the technical lapse, these platforms are unable to identify the perfect matches for a person. However, at, we use AI-backed probabilistic iterative learning, through which it zeroes down to a definite number of potential matches for you. This helps users to get ‘true’ and ‘compatible’ choices in their partner-search journey. 

No More Ghosting as Artificial Intelligence Matches ‘Intent'

A fair percentage of people on dating and matrimonial apps fear people ‘ghosting’ them. It is a quite popular term used to describe one’s experience when one of the two people is not serious or has no intention of taking that real step towards finding their betterhalf. Such people often disappear out of nowhere. In popular language, ghosting. 

With the advent of AI-powered platforms, technology plays a helping hand as it goes an extra step to match users according to the ‘intent’ they have regarding the way they want their relationship to progress. We, at Betterhalf, use a unique AI algorithm so that we can minimize the chances of match ghosting as minimum as possible. 

Worried about Fake Profiles? No Need to Do That Now!

Online dating and matrimony platforms are filled with fake profiles of users. Creating a fake profile has always been a common thing on these platforms because of the ease a person can do so. And it is one of the main reasons so many people decide to ditch online platforms as fake profiles make them less authentic, safe and at times can be traumatic for people who are at the receiving end. 

We understand this concern of users, and so does AI. Dating and matrimony platforms backed laced with the power of artificial intelligence are encountering this problem effectively. makes full use of the multi-step verification process by matching the social media profile of the user to the information provided, besides methods like photo matching. Other than this, it also asks for Government-approved identification proof. Thinking about what all these mean and how it helps you? Well, no more fake profiles, and you get what you see. 

Immediate Access to User’s Basic Information

What is the best way to know a person? The answer would be simple: To have as much basic information as possible about him/her. AI understands that to curate the best-possible matrimony experience and to find the potential match, information is needed. Think of these two situations. 

First, a user doesn’t have any basic information, and s/he is initiating the conversation to learn the same. Second, AI has all the basic information about the potential betterhalf dug by its deep learning capabilities. You tell me which one is better!

At, artificial intelligence brings out all the relevant information in as much detail as possible so that a user can consider his/her options accordingly. When you have more information, you can make better choices about whether to start the conversation or not. In this way, you don’t need to worry about awkward encounters. 

The Best of Both Worlds for the User

There’s no use of ever-growing technology if we don’t adapt accordingly. AI-powered dating and matrimony platforms have managed to achieve what other traditional dating apps haven’t - The perfect balance between technology and serendipity. With the help of artificial intelligence, users’ online dating experience has become seamless, safe, transparent, and honest. Now, it focuses more on the real and human aspects of the relationship instead of the flashy and fake ones. That’s why we said, the best of both worlds. A user enjoys both of them, the opportunity to connect with like-minded potential partners through technology, and the promise of a truly compatible match that comes along with it.

When we talk about dating and marriage platforms powered by AI outside India, a few apps like Belong, Bernie, etc. are trying to bring positive change to the virtual dating space. However, these platforms are yet to come in India. Aaah, feeling sad? You don’t need to wait for these platforms. Why? Well, because we have our homegrown AI-powered matchmaking platform in the form of We help people find their betterhalf through real compatibility scores. If you are also looking to find your significant other, you can sign up right now. What are you waiting for!

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