6 New Things To Look Forward in The Latest Update of The Betterhalf App

At Betterhalf, we believe in perfecting your experience by improving every single feature one by one. We are dedicated to being the most amazing matrimony platform for Indian millennials with which they can find their compatible betterhalf efficiently and comfortably. To achieve this, we don’t compromise with your choice of an ideal life partner.

Among many steps to improve your overall experience on our app, we are soon launching an update. It will include a brand new UI, Logo, Colours & exciting new features. All of them are just here for you to find your compatible partner in the fastest and easiest way possible. Since we are striving for new things, we had to let go of some of our existing features. We are curious to know what you think of these new features because, in the end, it’s you that matters.

Hold your hearts still as we’re here to give you a sneak peek of what’s brewing in the Betterhalf love lab!

Our New Logo and Tagline

Looks matter. At least, we believe the same for our app. That’s why we have decided to rebrand the Betterhalf.ai app with a fresher look. We borrowed the idea of our new logo from the word ‘Soulmate’. If you see closely, our new logo signifies the connection of two souls on the betterhalf app. Also, we had asked our users to help us choose our taglines from different options, and the majority of them voted for this (drum rolls, please!):

Betterhalf.ai – A journey to find yours forever.

Faster Matches - Find Ideal Matches in a Single Click (30 seconds only)

We are proud to say that we have India’s first one-click matchmaking technology. We worked harder on it and came back with something more accurate and faster than most of the online matrimony platforms and dating apps in India. Notice the AI (Artificial Intelligence) attached with our brand name? Well, AI-backed predictions help you see profiles more compatible with personality behavior, interests, religion, mother tongue, age, height & annual income. All of this, just with a single Facebook sign up

Much-improved Targeted AI Recommendations

Since last time, more users have come on board. With more data, our AI-powered algorithm is ready to send you much-improved targeted recommendations concerning your compatibility, likes, dislikes & preferences in mind. You need to remember that getting better recommendations is totally in your hand. The more you use Betterhalf.ai, the better recommendation our AI will give to you. Because that’s how AI works.

A Few Essential Features (Based on Public Demand)

A lot of our users requested a few essential features. Hey, we heard your demands, my lord! In the latest update, you can see the hometown, community, and language of the profiles you like. With these details at your disposal, you will be more likely to make better decisions.

Prioritize Your Preferences

When choosing your betterhalf, there are several preferences that you would like to have. Some of them will come in the category of ‘Must-have’ and some of them will be in ‘Nice to have'. Well, in our updated app, you can set them exactly like this. Based on your preferences, you will receive profile recommendations that exactly fall in the “must-have '' category. You may or may not receive profiles that fall under the “nice to have” category.

Enhanced View of Pictures & ‘Decline’ Option For Each Profile

A fuller display of your profile picture will give a better view of your potential matrimony partner on our app. Besides, it will also provide an impressive layout by bringing your picture to the forefront. Some of our users wanted to have the ‘Decline’ option on the profiles they come across on the app. So, we have also introduced the same, and now you can decline a connection request and the recommended matches with ease.

We have rolled out this new update of only 1% of the users so that we can get the required feedback from them. We will soon launch it for all our users. If you wish to get early access to this update, opt-in for beta testing on the google play store, and you will receive the new update. Meanwhile, you can download the app here to fasten your process of finding your betterhalf.

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