5 Reasons Why Betterhalf Is Different From Other Indian Matrimony Apps

The internet has a plethora of matrimony apps. As per the New York Times, there are over 1500 matrimony apps in India, and as days pass by, the number is increasing. While several apps offer two-step verification, security filters, and background checks, many still lack authenticity. Yes, some apps are good, but then there's Betterhalf.ai - India's only AI-powered app that functions without parental intervention. And this makes Betterhalf different from other traditional apps. 

The key feature of the matrimony app is that it helps you find a partner by understanding your personality and interest. It not only speaks the millennial lingo but aims to you find the ONE without much fuss and top-notch security. So, if you are looking forward to joining a matrimony site, then here are five reasons why Betterhalf.ai should be your pick. And trust us this matrimony app is way different than other traditional apps. 

  1. Easy and stress-free registration process: Finding a partner online seems like no biggie, but the strenuous tasks start right from the time you have to fill several forms for registering on the app. Some apps ask for too many personal details, which makes the onboarding process not so pleasant. However, when it comes to Betterhalf, the matrimony app is known for its single-click onboarding process. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the app works on a technology that predicts religion, language, salary insights, community, and partner preferences of users in a single click. And thanks to this feature of the betterhalf app, the onboarding process is done within a few seconds.
  1. Betterhalf cares about you: Like other traditional matrimony apps, Betterhalf doesn't care about your caste, religion, and background- what it focuses more on is your personality. While registering on the app, you are required to take a 2-minute personality quiz that analyses your 16 behavioral traits, and based on that- it recommends profiles for you that are powered by an AI algorithm. This process helps people choose their partners based on mutual understanding, intent to settle down, trust, and common consent.
  1. No parental intervention: Yes, parents are a vital part of every marriage- however, when it comes to matrimony apps, it's often seen that parents make a profile for their kids or write their preference for the type of partner they are looking for their children. Which, to be honest, makes no sense, and that's where Betterhalf promises to be a game-changer. The app is designed in a way where your personality matters- it keeps the intervention of parents at bay and encourages the bride/groom to take the first step.
  1. Selfie verification: Betterhalf aims to make your experience online nothing but pleasant. And for that, the app has introduced a new safety feature- selfie verification, wherein you have to take a real-time selfie while creating the profile, and the artificial intelligence technology of Betterhalf will compare the profile photos on the users’ profile to make sure they are genuine and not fake. It will not only fight the catfishing on match-making apps but will add an extra layer of protective shield for women on the app. 
  1. 6-level verification process: Security is one of the most pressing and  dominant concerns on matrimony apps and apps, and that's where Betterhalf aims to take the lead. The app has a 6-level profile verification process, where the person's mobile number, work & personal email, Government ID, Facebook, and Linkedin are verified thoroughly while registering. And profiles that receive a compatibility score of over 70 percent are matched. 

So if you are serious about getting married, then look no further, Betterhalf is here for you. 

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