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Do you know that numbers can help predict your future? 

Yes, they can. In most fields, numbers play a crucial part - Physics calculations, formulas in chemistry, math in construction and the list goes on. If numbers can help these human-made things, they can also help humans to analyze and understand their life. 

Most people think that astrology and numerology are the same. But both are completely different. Astrology is the study of stars and planets and their connection with life. Meanwhile, numerology is the study of numbers and their connection with life. Let’s understand in detail numerology and numerology numbers.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers, numerical combinations and symbols to help people understand their life. Numerology will help in understanding more about the universe and ourselves through numbers. It might look complicated because of the different types of Numerology, but those who know about Astrology will understand that Numerology is nothing but numbers. 

Numerology is more like Astrology but uses numbers to find information and insights of situations. Numerologists use numbers and their combinations to predict the future of a person’s life. The numbers used in Numerology are classified into four categories namely; Life Path numbers, Master numbers, Soul numbers and Angel numbers. There are some online numerology calculators available for free to check your numerology number.

What is a Life Path Number?

Life Path number in numerology is the most influential numerological type among the four categories. It is used by most numerologists who perform numerology. Numerologists use your birth date to determine your Life Path number. Because your birth date is more unique to you and the characteristics will be influential for you throughout your life. This is the important reason for the numerologists to use the Life Path numbers in Numerology. 

How to Calculate Life Path Number?

Basically, a numerologist will ask your birth date to calculate your Life path number. They’ll add the numbers in your birth date to make it a single-digit number. There are some online numerology calculators available for free to check your life path number.

For example, if your birth date is January 9, 2022. Now you have to add the numbers in the birth year. 2+0+2+2=6. Then you have to add the result with the birth date and month since they are already single-digit numbers, 6+1+9=16. Now add it again, 1+6=7. Finally, we have your Life path number for numerology. If your birth date or month is in two digits then you have to do the following method. 

For example, if your birth date is February 28, 1996. Then you have to add the numbers in the birth year like this, 1+9+9+5=24. Then you have to add the result again, 2+4=6. After this, you have to add the birth date, 2+8=10. Now you have to add it again, 1+0=1. Finally, you have to add the results with the birth date number since it is already a single digit, 6+1+2=9. So your Life path number for numerology is 9.

What is the Master Number? 

Even the numerologist usually sums the numbers into a single digit. There are some exceptions in this and those exceptional numbers are 11, 22 and 33. These special numbers are the Master numbers in numerology. These numbers have a special place in numerology because these strong vibrations resemble success and achievement in someone’s life.

What is a Soul Number?

Soul number in numerology is calculated using the Pythagorean number system. This is completely different from the method used in the Life path number. The Pythagorean number system works by assigning a single-digit number to the alphabet and then calculating the numbers that match the letters in your name. 

 The Pythagorean numerology goes like this;

1 - A, J, S

2 - B, K, T

3 - C, L, U

4 - D, M, V

5 - E, N, W

6 -  F, O, X

7 - G, P, Y

8 - H, Q, Z

9 - I, R

And the calculation will be like, for instance, if your name is Ajay, then your soul number will be the addition of the numbers that match the letters in your name. For Ajay, the calculations will be 1+1+1+7=10. Since this is not a Master number we have to add it again, 1+0=1. So the soul number for the name Ajay is 1 for his numerology. 

What is an Angel Number?

In numerology, angel numbers are something which you might see often or appear to you accidentally. It can't be calculated using your birth date or the Pythagorean method. And the angel numbers will appear in a repetition of three or four digits (like 111 or 3333) or patterns like (321 or 789). 

When you can witness these kinds of numbers accidentally, it is believed that they are sent to you by the angels. In addition, each angel number holds unique traits which might help people to understand their life and lead it in a better way.  

Some Interesting Facts About Numerology

Numerology can be very interesting if you just give it the attention it deserves. Don’t believe us? Look at some of the most interesting facts about numerology mentioned below. 

1. Your numerology is based on the birth date. This means that your numerology readings are calculated from the time you entered this realm. In addition, if your name is decided based on numerology, then you should stop thinking about changing your name. Because it has meaning to your life. 

2. The numerology numbers are not completely good and positive. Some numerology numbers will have negative meanings and this brings balance to numerology. Most of the numerology numbers are related to the career, health and love life of a person. So by understanding the negative side of your life you can lead a better life by avoiding the negative.

3. Numerology numbers will help you understand the barriers in your life. This can help you overcome those barriers by proper planning. That is the reason most celebrities change their names based on numerology. 

4. Each numerology number has a unique meaning and each combination of numerology numbers has its meaning. This means you can get to know about your numerology number through an online numerology calculator, but only an experienced numerologist can tell the correct meaning of that numerology number.