We’ve Launched Human Matchmaker! Finding Your Soulmate is Easier Now!

Human Matchmaker

At Betterhalf.ai, we always look to make the partner-search process more efficient and stress-free for people without compromising the aspect of compatibility. In this pursuit, we have added another category on our app—Human Matchmaker, a specialist for hire who can help you find your life partner while understanding your preferences and interests just like in the old times. We always focused on sharing the real-time status of the user activity and bringing out the utmost transparency to our users. With the launch of the Human Matchmaking service, we want to take it to the next level.

Through Human Matchmaker, our primary goal is to expedite your partner-search process. When users hire a real person as a matchmaker, they can enjoy the perfect blend of human touch and technology to find the partner they always dreamt of. Wondering how? Well, the matchmaker would be personally involved throughout your partner-search process and help you pick and shortlist compatible profiles.

At the launch of Betterhalf Human Matchmaker, CEO and Co-founder Pawan Gupta said, 

“Understanding and addressing the pain point of our users is our primary task at Betterhalf. We know that without doing it, we cannot move forward. Most users of Betterhalf are working professionals who are so busy in their professional lives that they don’t have time to pick and shortlist compatible profiles. That’s why we’ve decided to add the feature of Human Matchmaker to our app. Because only a real human can understand the emotions, interests, and feelings of another human. A human matchmaker will help such users enhance their profiles and tips about how to start a quick conversation with their interests. Human matchmaking applies the personalized, in-depth approach to understand their priorities and then use the same information to shortlist compatible matches for users.”

Another reason we launched the Human Matchmaking service is to respect and celebrate the authenticity of our users. Because we know that different people can have extremely different expectations when finding a life partner for themselves. A human matchmaker, a real person, will be able to understand and value these diverse expectations. Some of the prominent features of human matchmaking are as follows.

  • Complete makeover of your profile 
  • Option to choose from multiple packs at your convenience
  • Understanding your preferences regarding your partner
  • Access to several compatible profiles as per your preferences
  • Guaranteed introductory call with your interests

At Betterhalf.ai, we manually verify every profile on your platform to keep the community safe and spam-free. So, you can find your partner without any worry! If you are looking to search for your life partner, download Betterhalf.ai now—India’s first and only AI-powered matchmaking app for Urban Indians—and kick-start your partner-search process! Hire a matchmaker to enjoy the personalized partner-search process! 

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