We have Announced ESOP Buyback for Our Employees at the Pre-Series A Stage.

At Betterhalf, we strongly believe in - Be the change you want to see in the world. In the Indian start-up ecosystem, not many companies offer Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to their employees until their Series A Stage of funding. But as we said - we love to bring the change, we decided to announce ESOP buyback to employees of Betterhalf at the Pre-A stage. We offered it to 7 of our employees, and we’re happy to tell you that all of them participated in it.

We always look for growth-centric opportunities as an organization and feel that offering ESOPs to our employees is the right thing to do. A company can only grow when its people grow. With the ESOP buyback option, we want to ensure that people, contributing to the fast-paced growth of Betterhalf, also grow along with us. We also wanted to encourage our employees to participate in wealth creation opportunities irrespective of their roles and responsibilities; ESOP Buyback can be an excellent wealth-creation opportunity for them. We are also hoping to promote external hirings through buyback because people love to work in a culture that helps them grow.

While sharing the news of ESOP buyback to its employees, our co-founder and CEO Pawan Gupta said, 

“We have experienced immense business growth in the last year and wanted our team to grow along with us. Unlike other start-ups, we offered ESOP buyback to our employees so that they can have an equal chance in wealth-creation opportunities. We haven’t seen many companies offering buyback at an early stage of business. But we are happy to break the pattern and hope more companies follow the trend we are initiating. I also hope that our move will also make other start-ups believe that they don’t need to wait until Series B stage or beyond to offer buyback; it can also happen at an early stage.”

In the past year, we have witnessed multifold growth in our business. We saw an increase in our users from 5L to 12L, whereas the connections on our app have reached 25L from 5L. When we talk about the number of marriages that happened through our platform, they changed from 1K to 5K. And these numbers will only grow! 

Just 12 months ago, 15 people were working in our company. Currently, our company’s overall headcount is at 50 employees. However, the wonderful part is that 50% of our current workforce consists of females as we fully understand the importance of an inclusive work-culture environment and new-age talent policies. In the coming year, while we are heading to our Series A round, we are going to expand our team to double or triple its current status while maintaining inclusivity.  

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