We’ve Partnered with TTC Labs by Meta to Bring New Innovations Around AI/ML

Betterhalf Partnered with TTC Labs by Meta

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two things that have immensely evolved in the past few years. If you look around, you will find out that several parts of our daily lives are positively touched by them. Both AI and ML make our life more efficient. At Betterhalf, we also use these technologies to recommend better and compatible matches to our users so that they can find their life partner soon. And as you know we’re always on the move to elevate the user experience by trying different things. 

In one such thing, we’ve decided to get into an exclusive partnership with TTC Labs, an experimental data design and data governance initiative, initiated and supported by Meta. As part of this project, we will be focusing on product development around AI and ML practices innovatively. Through this partnership, we believe to contribute directly towards shaping and informing the AI governance debate in a better way. 

Talking about Betterhalf joining hands with TTC Labs by Meta, our co-founder and CEO Pawan Gupta said, 

“We’re quite delighted to ally with TTC Labs. We believe it will not only help us focus on the innovative development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but will also help us to bring out innovations in approaches to privacy and data in an individual-centric manner. We have also been shortlisted for the people-centric approaches and algorithm explainability.”

In the last few years, we’ve witnessed an increase in the focus on policy and regulatory guidelines aimed at addressing the ethical and responsible development of AI. Simply put, with this partnership, we want to create an environment where a layman is more aware and has more control while using AI systems. Also, it will bring more transparency to the overall AI systems. Under this partnership, Meta’s TTC Labs will conduct collaborative research with us and other few leading startups and scalable companies in the Asia Pacific and Europe, to utilize the AI/ML technology in their digital products in a responsible manner. The collaboration has received support from top government and industry leaders which include Open Loop, Meta, TTC Labs, design partner Craig Walker and Singapore’s IMDA. 

Talking about the involvement of AI in the journey of Betterhalf users, Public and Privacy Manager of Meta, Adam Bargroff said, 

“Under the project, the hypothetical prototype that we co-created for Betterhalf.ai demonstrates some crucial, key possibilities when it comes to designing for AI explainability. Betterhalf’s solution is deeply embedded in the user flow and one of the best things is that they introduce AI product controls in the initial parts of the user journey. This solution immensely helps users to cultivate an understanding of how the AI works as well as brings trustworthiness to the recommendations they receive.”

With our partnership with TTC Labs, we will be able to contribute directly to shaping the debate happening around AI governance by engaging with a vibrant community of other AI companies. Apart from this, we will also be able to leverage the training, tutorials, toolkits, mentorship, networks, resources, and technical assistance provided by TTC Labs, Open Loop, IMDA, and their partners. If we see it as a public view, this partnership will be acknowledged as an India-based industry leader in the area of responsible use of AI. 

At Betterhalf, we are responsible for letting our users know the value of AI systems and this partnership will help us in the same. We believe that our users will be more aware when AI is involved to power the services concerning using personal data, providing relevant privacy measures, and information about data usage. 

We believe that this partnership with TTC Labs, Meta will also help us in our journey to raise the Series A round. In 2021, we have already raised $3Million in our pre-series A funding round. If you are looking to find your life partner as per your preferences, we, at Betterhalf, can help you for sure! 

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