Our Instagram AR Filter ‘My Future Partner’ Crosses 1Bn Impressions on Social Media

Hey, we’re here to share some amazingly good news with you! By now you must have read the title of this article. 😁

Yes, we wanted to tell you that Betterhalf’s Augmented Reality-based Instagram filter named ‘My Future Partner’ touched the milestone of 1Bn impressions. Also, all of them were purely organic. Launched last year as a part of our company’s aggressive marketing strategy, this AR filter helped us boost our overall social media engagement. We’re guessing that you must’ve used one of those so-popular Instagram filters. If you haven’t tried our filter yet, it loosely predicts the profession of your future partner — Chef, Movie Buff, Dog Lover, Doctor, Singer, Traveler, etc. 

As it is pretty obvious from its prefix, our AR filter uses Augmented Reality to give the results to the user. One of the most significant and celebratory aspects of this filter is it was deployed at absolute zero marketing cost. That’s why we are so happy to see that it has organically created a global buzz. 

Apart from this filter, you can try others too — Where is my soulmate, At what age you’ll get married, I am single because…, Perfect romantic date for you, etc. Our filters mainly revolve around the themes of love, marriage, relationships, etc. On the Betterhalf Instagram channel, we are publishing two filters each month as a part of our AR Instagram campaign. 

While sharing her happiness because of the milestone achievement, Our Co-founder & CEO Pawan Gupta said, 

“We’ve always been trying new things to create a one-to-one relationship with our users. And we are ecstatic with the love, warmth, and response people have given to our AR filter. Through this filter, we wanted to give access to young Indians with a chance to seek a true connection and have a good time at the same time. Within a few weeks after its launch, this filter began to gain popularity among global users and influencers. And before we knew it, it touched the 1 billion mark. Through this filter, we've created phenomenal brand awareness without spending a single penny on marketing. This shows the power of content as it has crossed the milestone without any paid promotion.”

If you like to hear about data, know that this AR filter has more than 20.1M opens, 936.8K shares, and 570K shares. You can imagine its popularity through these numbers. Moreover, our AR filter has gained attention from not only India but other countries across the globe. Of all the users who have tried the filter, 38% of them are based in India, while the remaining 62% belong to countries like Indonesia, the USA, Turkey, etc. 

All thanks to the successful AR Filter Campaign, we’ve witnessed a constant rise in our Instagram followers as around 77,0000 reels were published by individuals using our AR filter! Some of them were big social media influencers. 

If you also want to predict the profession of your future partner, you are welcome to use our filter! If you are searching for your life partner, Betterhalf can certainly help you! If you don’t know, we arrange your love marriage at your preference.

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