1.13Mn+ Content Impressions. Results of Betterhalf’s recent partnership with Bobble AI

Betterhalf’s recent partnership with Bobble AI

GIFs and Stickers have transformed the way everyday conversation happens between friends. So much so that, nowadays, few people only converse through funny, creative GIFs & stickers instead of words. And Bobble AI - India’s largest conversation media platform - has been enabling more than 50M+ users to converse through highly engaging digital content like GIFs and stickers.

Keeping this in mind, we have partnered with Bobble AI to increase brand awareness among the users living in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of India. Bobble AI has also helped several brands in reaching out to their potential users/customers in a non-intrusive manner by making them a part of users’ daily conversation.

Our one-year-long partnership with Bobble AI started in the first week of March with a campaign. In the first phase, we’ve launched 4 stickers to generate brand awareness among our target user base by leveraging the enormous potential of Conversation Media Marketing (CMM). During the overall one-year campaign, Bobble AI will be helping us create highly engaging, memorable, shareable fun content and distribute it to its millions of potential users.  

If we look at the number of shares and impressions, we can clearly see that the stickers launched in the first phase saw massive traction. Within a month, the first four stickers of Betterhalf.ai made with Bobble AI crossed 1.13Mn+ content impressions and 34.6K+ content shares.

Talking about the partnership of Betterhalf.ai and Bobble AI, our Co-founder and CEO Pawan Gupta said,

“Among the many things that Indian people are having a conversation about, relationships, marriage, matrimony, and matchmaking are some of the popular ones. With our partnership with Bobble AI, we wanted to ensure that Betterhalf stays on the top of every such conversation. We couldn’t get a better fit than Bobble AI as they will not just help us create engaging conversations perfectly aligned with our vision but also help us reach out to millions of new users in a non-intrusive manner. 

This partnership will help us convert users into our brand ambassadors. We’re excited about the fruits this partnership with AI-powered CMM Solutions will reap in the coming days. We are more than sure to get massive brand awareness among our relevant user base who haven’t discovered Betterhalf yet as well as achieve our business goals.”

Among the four stickers, the best performing one -as we expected- was ‘Shaadi kab kar rahe ho?’ as it got an amazing response with 22.7k shares with a share ratio of 3.84% alone. ‘Teri shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai’ is in second place with a share ratio of 2.01%.

Co-founder, and CEO of Bobble AI, Ankit Prasad was equally happy with the partnership. Sharing his views, he said,

“At Bobble AI, we have always tried to push the existing boundaries to deliver the best Return on Investment (ROI) for our partners looking for creativity and innovation. This factor alone helped us become India's largest conversation media platform with a tested and proven track record of helping brands in reaching out to millions of new users and customers. All of this by efficiently tapping the potential of smartphone daily conversations.

Betterhalf.ai always felt like a natural partner to us as it is empowering users to make informed decisions about their marriage. I am more than delighted to see that we’re able to create something that covers the most common conversations happening in Indian families. In the second and upcoming phases of the campaign too, we look forward to creating the same level of engagement.”

Numbers from the first phase of the campaign are indicating the phenomenal response. Seeing them, we and Bobble AI are all set to go live with the second phase and so excited about this partnership. We expect this association will help us create a new path for unimagined growth as well as reach out to millions of new potential users in the coming year. Apart from personalized GIFs and stickers, Bobble AI also has emojis, AI-powered contextual recommendations, voice-to-text, and several smartphone keyboard applications. Its Indic Keyboard is one of the highest-rated and most engaging keyboards among users in India.

If you want to use the creative stickers that come out from our partnership with Bobble AI and other ones too, install Bobble keyboard (available on Android and iPhone) and ask your friends ‘Shaadi kab kar rahe ho?’ right away!

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