Betterhalf is Among The Hottest 20 AI Startups in India

AI Startups in India

YES, you read this right. 

Betterhalf has been chosen as one of the hottest AI-based Indian Startups in a report conducted by Analytics India Magazine (AIM). 

In this report, AIM has chosen a total of 20 startups in India after assessing their performance over years. Some of the other startups on this list are Crux Intelligence, Data Science Wizards,,, Locus, and Spyne across different categories like Healthcare, Marketing & Branding, Business Intelligence, IT Service and Ed-tech.  

The most wonderful thing about this AIM report is that Betterhalf is the only AI-based startup from the Matrimony Category among all the 20 others. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one emerging technology that companies have adapted with welcoming hands to their products. And this trend is universal across the country. Companies have realised that bringing the power of AI technology along with others like Machine Learning, Deep Learning (DL), NLP, and Computer Vision will only boost their overall product experience both at the user and back end. 

Investors also understand the importance of AI technology in companies and they have shown their trust by investing heavily in AI-powered startups in the last few years. In 2021 only, the overall startup funding saw an increase of 32.5% on a year-on-year (YoY) basis to USD 1,108 million from USD 838.3 million in 2020. Even if we factor in the recent lay-offs in Indian tech startups to extend their runway, there has been phenomenal growth in the startups over the years. According to the Ministry of Commerce, there are 72,993 registered startups (as of 30th June 2022). This number was 471 in 2016. So, you can see the growth in past years. 

How did AIM Choose Betterhalf as One of the Hottest AI Startups in India?

This detailed report, made by AIM, lists the 20 hottest AI-based Indian Startups in 2022. In this report, AIM focused on the overall performance of all startups by accounting for several crucial parameters like growth, customer portfolio and value generation to measure penetration, while technical finesse, support function and employee maturity to measure maturity. Each category has different sub-categories to measure them effectively and accurately. 

By combining all these parameters, they cover the market penetration and maturity of these startups (both B2B and B2C) with respect to Artificial Intelligence. 

Founded by Pawan Gupta and Rahul Namdev in 2016, Betterhalf uses the power of AI to help people meet compatible matches and find their soulmates. By combining the power of AI and ML, we offer an AI-powered matrimonial platform and a safe space where people can find their life partner as per their preferences, at their own pace. 

In the AIM report, Betterhalf got an absolute score of 7.3 and 6.0 out of 10 in the aspect of market penetration and maturity of the company, respectively. To reach this score, AIM used other startups and their growth stories as a reference point. 

How Does Betterhalf Use Artificial Intelligence to Give the Best User Experience?

At Betterhalf, we always strive to create a safe space for people who want to marry people as per their preferences, at their own pace without any involvement from parents. Here are the top three areas where our Betterhalf used Artificial Intelligence to give users the best partner-search experience. 

  1. As soon as a user onboards, our AI comes into action. After signing up, our AI goes through your basic information to understand the kind of users that would be perfect for you. On putting in the additional information like hometown, height, timeline to settle down, etc. our AI will learn more about your personality and give you the first set of matches accordingly. 
  2. We understand that compatibility is everything in a relationship. That’s why we put in extra effort and use our AI to meet the two most compatible personalities. For this, our in-house experts have invented a unique ‘Compatibility Test’, a questionnaire. Once a user gives the answers to them, our AI understands their personality through a lens of 16 behavioural traits and generates recommended matches to complement their compatibility. And all of this, just in a couple of minutes. The more a person spends time on the platform, the better matches they will get. 
  3. Betterhalf does everything to provide a safe, secure environment for people looking for their life partner. A person can only find what they want when they can be totally themselves. To make sure the same, we use real-time selfie verification powered by Artificial Intelligence. This helps us to make sure that the person, who is onboarding on the platform, is a real person and not some scammer or fake.

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