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Matrimonial Classified Ads

Marriage has always remained one of the most important milestones in any person’s life. And it is still the most special day in a person’s whole life. Everybody wants to marry a compatible partner. For that, people take help from matrimonial platforms. However, there is another thing that is quite popular, by which people have been finding their life partner for a long time - matrimonial classified ads in newspapers. It is one useful and amazing way to reach out to potential grooms and brides across India.

One of the primary aims to publish matrimonial classified ads is to search for prospective, eligible, and compatible brides and grooms. All of us must have seen that page in the newspaper with descriptions like looking for a suitable bride, looking for a handsome groom, etc. Matrimonial classified ads are usually categorized according to language, profession, religion, etc. which makes it easier for people to find the compatible option for themselves.

With Betterhalf matrimonial classified ads, you can view the classified ads for yourself as well as post your ads as per your preferences. This would give you one more option: find a compatible partner with whom you can spend your whole life. Let’s understand how to post a classified matrimony ad on Betterhalf as well as how to view profiles as per your preferences.

How to Post Matrimonial Classified Ad on Betterhalf?

As we mentioned earlier, matrimonial classified ads are one of the best ways to find a compatible partner. This is one of the main reasons it has been popular for years. With Betterhalf Matrimonial Classified, you can put a digital classified to get a partner as per your preferences. Now you must be thinking about how to post classified ads on Betterhalf. Well, don’t worry, we will tell you the complete step-by-step process.

Once you reach the Matrimonial classified ads by Betterhalf, you will see the option - Post Classified Ads. If you want to post yours, click on that option. If you wish to view the posted ads, stay on the page. You will reach a new page as soon as you click on the button. Here, you will have to fill in a few details. These details are divided into two categories - Partner preferences (Things you are looking for in your partner) and your personal details. Let’s look at what you will need to fill in under these options to post your classified matrimonial ads.

Under Partner Preferences, you will need to fill in the following details

  1. Religion (Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, others)
  2. Marital Status (Never married, Divorced, Awaiting Divorce, or Widowed)
  3. Caste (Agarwal, Brahmin, Catholic, Aheer, Baniya, Rajput, Shia, Shafi, etc.) 
  4. Height range 
  5. Manglik or Non-manglik
  6. Income Range (per annum)
  7. Education
  8. Preferred Location

Once you fill in the details you want from your partner, you will need to fill in your details too. Under the personal details option, you will need the following details

  1. Full Name & Date of Birth
  2. Religion & Caste
  3. Your Gender
  4. Manglik or Not
  5. Marital Status
  6. Height & Location
  7. Education
  8. Name of company you’re working in & Designation
  9. Number of siblings
  10. Job of Mother and Father (if any)
  11. Contact Number and Email ID

Please remember to give your contact number and Email ID so that people can contact you. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for anyone to contact you. Once you fill in all the details, just hit the ‘Submit Details’ button. As soon as you do that, your matrimonial classified ad on Betterhalf will become live. While you’re on your partner-search journey, you can also make your marriage biodata, a document that focuses on your personal information, to increase your chances of finding a compatible life partner. This facility is also available on Betterhalf.

How to Find a Partner with Matrimonial Classified Ads?

Now you know the process to post your matrimonial classified ads on Betterhalf to make your partner search easier. Let’s understand how to view the already published ads and the process to connect them. Once you reach the main page of Betterhalf matrimonial classified ads, you will see many ads in the following format.

“Looking for a beautiful, confident girl of age between 24 to 28, Hindu, Never married, Height from 4ft7in to 5ft1in, Working in Jaipur”

If a profile fits your preferences, you can register on Betterhalf to connect with that profile. One of the best things about the matrimonial classified ads on Betterhalf is that you can see the ads as per your preferences. How? Well, on the main page itself, you will see the option to ‘Choose Filters’.

Suppose you wish to find a partner from the Hindu religion and Agarwal community, you can choose that preference and you will see only those options. Under the filter options, you can set the following options.

  1. Religion (Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain, and Buddhist)
  2. Marital Status (Never married, Divorced, Awaiting Divorce, or Widowed)
  3. Caste (Agarwal, Rajput, Sunni, Teli, etc.)
  4. Gender (Male or Female)
  5. Your HomeTown
  6. Name of the City where you’re currently working

As soon as you fill in these details, a list of classified ads, as per your filled-in preferences, will show on your screen. Check the options and connect to them by registering on Betterhalf.

Why Post Matrimonial Classified Ad?

Here are some reasons why you should post matrimonial classified ads in newspapers as well as on Betterhalf.

  1. Classified ads for matrimony are one of the most trusted search mediums to find the compatible, perfect life partner. 
  2. On Betterhalf, you can put your preferences and see the options accordingly. Anyone can fill out the form for themselves, for their children, or for their friends. 
  3. Once you submit all your details, your classified matrimony ad will be published instantly. So, this is also a nice thing to post a classified ad on Betterhalf.
  4. Make sure you fill out all the correct details about your preferences and yourself while publishing the classified matrimonial ads.