Want To Make Your Partner Feel Secure In A Relationship? Try These 6 Ways

Secure Relationship

Relationships, be it wedding or casual ones, are never easy, PERIOD. One may think that just because the couple in a marriage is happy on the outside, everything is supremely well on the inside- however, this is never the case. But truth to be told, just like a parental or a sibling relationship, romantic relationships, especially marriage require a lot of work too. People not only work on themselves on an individual level but also collectively as a couple to solve all the shortcomings in their relationship. And while being there for each other through thick and thin is a must, making your partner feel secure in a relationship is again necessary. 

Like trust, security in a relationship is necessary since even single insecurity can ruin the whole marriage. And while people speak about how secure their romantic life is without trying, it's in the later stage when the insecurities start acting up. And to ensure that the same is not the case with you, you must deal with all the insecurities in the present while not leaving them for the future. For that, we are here for you. Follow these six tips and make your partner feel secure in a relationship.

6 Tips To Make Your Partner Feel Secure In A Relationship

  1. Communicate Both Good & Bad: As humans, we always tend to pick on negative things while missing out on good things. Couples in a marriage often complain about how their partner is always late but will never point out how they cook well or clean well. And this negative criticism in relationships not only adds up to insecurities but also initiates fights. So while you talk about their faults and shortcomings, make sure that you also compliment them when they do something good. Let your partner know that you care for them, love them, and are so lucky to have them. Appreciate them for the little things they do for you, since it will help you talk with each other without any hesitation and start feeling secure in your marriage. 
  1. Efforts Should Be Two Way: It takes two to make a marriage work. And of late, if you feel that you are the only one trying in this relationship, you must speak your heart with your partner. For a healthy relationship,  a couple should equally take the effort. You don't want to come across as an indifferent person. So to ensure that if your partner is stepping outside their comfort zone to do something for you, you acknowledge their efforts and do something for them. If you are busy with things and can't make enough time, communicate and make it up later. Like our professional life, our romantic life requires effort as well, so make sure you always take a step forward. 
  1. Talk Always: With the hectic lives we lead, at times, we find it best to bury our feelings deep inside. And while they will work in your favor in the present, you can't guarantee the same in the future. So, the easiest way to make your partner feel secure in a marriage is by talking to them. Talk about your likes, dislikes, things that bother you, etc. Don't fear judgment -your partner will always try and understand you. Couples in a relationship should communicate about their insecurities so that everything is clear between them on the go. If you feel that your partner is losing interest in you or nags you quite often, talk about it. Talking about these things in your matrimony will strengthen your bond. 
  1. Say No To Mind Games: Mind games are evil and ugly, and you must do everything but that. Couples in a matrimony should refrain from playing mind games since it not only hampers the relationship, but it's equally frustrating. If you think that you are keeping your partner in a gray zone for the sanity of the relationship, then you are wrong. Whatever it is, communicate. Never keep someone hanging. Don't give your partner an impression that you are playing hard to get. The more you do it, the more insecure they will feel. So to ensure that they are secure in a relationship, try keeping things transparent, don't play mind games, and speak your mind ALWAYS. 
  1. Don't Be Shady: When you start acting random and shady, that's when things start getting ugly in a wedding. And to avoid that, make sure that you are vocal about everything. Avoid lying to your partner, don't act aloof for no reason since honesty is the key. If you are honest with your partner, you will help them feel secure in a relationship. If you break their trust once, admit it, improve and give them no chance to feel shitty. However, don't make this a pattern. Remember, one mistake is acceptable- doing them regularly is a habit, which leads to fights and insecurities. So, accept apologies, and move on. Don’t keep secrets, since that has never done any good. 
  1. Be YOU: The most important part of any matrimony. Couples in a relationship often try to be someone else in a relationship to impress their significant other, and while that works in the short run, you can't guarantee the same in the long run. Why? Because you can't keep up with the act for so long. And the key to making your partner feel secure in a relationship is by being YOU. Show your flaws, your worst, and the best, expect the same from your partner, and you will slowly build a strong relationship for yourself. 

So dear lovers, if you are having a hard time, use these tips and make sure that your partner feels secure in a relationship. Talk to them, do things for them, make them feel loved and noticed since that's all that matters in a healthy relationship. Bid adieu to negativity and apprehensions, and you'll see your relationship flourish. If you know of other ways don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.

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