Searching Partner Online is Safe for Indian Women Now.

A few years ago, people would’ve frowned upon the idea of women finding their marriage partners online completely by themselves. Dare to tell them about the concept of an app for marriage, and you would’ve found yourself as a center of amusement. But thanks to the sudden boom in internet penetration rate across the country, matrimony apps have encouraged people to find a partner for marriage online. 

This advent of these apps has especially empowered women in India, who are more hopeful and determined to choose a partner on their terms in today’s times. And more importantly, these apps made the process safer for women. Gone are those days when women were unable to take charge of their lives and uncertain about what they wanted. With so many apps for marriage at their disposal, a fair percentage of them know exactly what they want when it comes to their partners and everything else, too.

And that’s why they have started to trust these mobile apps to find a partner online. The percentage of women seeking partners online will only grow because of the constant effort put in by matrimonial apps to make the process of online partner-search friendly and safe. 

And as they say, trust is a two-way process. Women in India are putting their trust in these apps, and in return, they are getting the trust, respect, and treatment they’d always deserved. Here, we will understand the six ways modern matrimony apps are making the whole process of online partner search safe and accessible for women in India.

How Modern Matrimony Apps are Building a Safe Space for Women?

More and more women have started to feel safe while finding their betterhalf on modern matrimony apps. Let’s look at the ways how it is happening. 

Online Partner Search has Become Safer and Accessible

One of the most common plights of women on the internet is they don’t feel safe. Especially when men even treat LinkedIn, a professional networking platform primarily, as a dating platform. According to a global study conducted in 2020, nearly 60 percent of women get creepy DMs and experience harassment on social media platforms which makes them quit the platform altogether. 

Any woman would not want to hamper her mental health in the process of finding a partner online. A bad experience on dating & marriage platforms can put them off it forever. That’s why new-age matrimony platforms have realized the need of providing a secure and healthy environment for women. To make sure women can find their life partner safely, they have introduced several safety features like verification through Government ID, real-time selfie, and work email. All this makes sure that there are lesser people who don’t have any real intention to find their life partner and are here to just have fun. By incorporating these features, women users only get verified matches and any possibility of them meeting imposters on platforms becomes almost negligible.

Consent-based Accessibility to Talk or Call

Given the unprecedented situation, due to the pandemic, people were refraining from going out to meet with their matches. And this was stopping them from spending mindful time with their matches. Keeping this in mind, matrimonial apps have started to roll out the feature of in-app talk or video call with your match without going anywhere. 

However, they understand that this feature puts the privacy and personal space of women in jeopardy. That’s why these apps allow users to contact their matches without revealing their phone numbers. Also, an individual cannot contact a woman without her consent. This feature lets the women find their partners online in a liberated manner. 

As of now when the pandemic is behind us and 82% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated, people have started to go out. Now they are less hesitant to meet with their match to see if they are compatible with them. We understand that anything can’t match with meeting in person. But it’s still an option for those who want to be absolutely sure before physically meeting. 

Availability of Several Filters when Finding a Compatible Partner 

It is a daunting task for women to find a suitable partner online as they need to account for several factors during the process while also minding their safe. Women in today’s times are clearer than ever about their preferences. So, they would not like to see any person outside their preferences. These various filters remove the unnecessary clutter of matches that don’t fit into their terms of compatibility and help you save their precious time and energy. 

Matrimony apps provide the much-needed flexibility of choosing a compatible partner with the help of a wide range of filters - Educational Qualification, Location, Annual Income, Language, Common interests, Food preferences, Height, Caste, Religion, Age, Height, and many more. By putting these filters in action, women can find a specific set of matches uniquely designed for them. 

In Modern Matrimony Apps, Women Have More Control

For so many years, due to the deep-rooted patriarchy in our society, old traditions and beliefs, women had no say about their better half. And that’s where modern matrimony apps have given them control. Back where it belongs. These apps have helped women break the shackles of neglect and powerlessness. Instead of their parents, women are controlling the choice of their life partner.  

There is no doubt that parents wouldn’t want any harm to their children. However, there might be differences in partner choices and understanding due to the generation difference. Women of the current generation fully understand that an incompatible partner can ruin every aspect of their lives. So, they like to take control of their life by themselves, and these smart apps are providing the same. 

Option to Liberally Block and Report User 

Despite the hard measures put in by the matrimonial apps to create a safe and favorable space for women, they still come across individuals with harmful, malicious and offensive intentions. Modern matrimony platforms give the option of blocking and reporting such users so that the platform remains a healthy space for everyone. 

One of the major aims of matrimony applications is to ensure that the mental peace of women remains intact while finding their life partners online. Any time you face a situation where you feel that an individual is crossing the boundaries set by you or a particular platform, use the block option liberally and report them too. This will also help other users on the platform. 

Hassle-free App Onboarding Process

In the current fast-paced world, nobody wants to sign up on an app that involves a long, complex and tedious process. Gone are those days when people would wait for hours just to register on an app. Things have changed now. With matrimony apps utilizing the leverage of technology, women in India can kick start their journey of searching for partners in a jiffy. 

Modern lifestyles of people have made matrimonial companies adapt to a fast and hassle-free onboarding process. Nowadays, it hardly takes 3-4 minutes to download an application, complete your profile by filling in a few basic & personal details, start your partner-search journey and see your compatible partners. 

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