Ready to Meet Your Online Lover After Lockdown? These Tips Can Help You to Hit it Off on the Right Note!


With technology at your fingertips (read: thumb), we all have been fostering connections and seeking our compatible partner online through Betterhalf or some other matrimonial app. Amid the pandemic, most of us learned to kickstart our relationship online, and now when the lockdown is over, we are eager to meet that person for the first time IRL.

Long and lonely days spent during lockdown made us mature enough about dealing with uncertainties in life. What if we tell you that this newly-earned maturity will help you while approaching and moving forward with our partners found online? Well, it will. 

Now the lockdown restrictions have eased up, and restaurants, cafes, bistros are opening up slowly and steadily, you can plan your date offline. However, the days leading to your first real-life meeting can send butterflies in your stomach. We, at Betterhalf, will tell you a few tips and hacks that will calm you down and prepare you accordingly for the special day. So, brace yourself!

No handshakes or Hugs, Please!

We understand that it’s been so long that you almost forgot what humans touch. We also understand how badly you want handshakes and hugs to satiate your physical senses. But in the present times, you cannot simply do so because hey-we-are-dealing-with-a-pandemic. ‘Sanitise – Ok – Please!’ should be your mantra when meeting your potential matrimonial partner as you cannot factor off the possibility of getting an infection from the person whom you are meeting with. The reason being you don’t know where and how sensibly your date has traveled from, whom s/he met in the last few days, and if s/he follows Covid protocols or not. So, it would be better to not indulge in any physical activity. 

Try to have Quality Conversations

You’re out of your home far from the comfort of your cozy bed where you spent months conversing with your partner online. But in the real world, you cannot keep up your conversation by sharing funny memes and perfect gifs. And nothing beats a great conversation when it comes to building your relationship. We understand that due to imposed lockdown, most of us have forgotten how to have a real conversation in the real world. Let us remind you that you cannot turn off your video in a real conversation. So, leave all the lockdown experiences aside and try to open yourself over a cup of coffee. Most importantly, listen. You can also learn how to approach your date to have a natural and flowing conversation. 

Be Ready to be Disappointed

When you've been searching for your matrimonial partner online, you should remember that nowadays, people have two separate personalities - Online and Offline. It might be possible that the person is not everything you’ve dreamt of. So, when going for a date, be ready to be disappointed if anything like this happens. Go with an open and inclusive mindset on your first meeting so that you can accept your partner more gracefully. Observe the direction of things happening between you and your date, give each other the required space & time, and then see what happens. Of Course, unless you have set up a date with some creepy serial killer who is ready to take you home on the first date. Well, then, be ready with your running shoes. This also brings us to our next point. 

Don’t be Creepy.

YES! Your eyes are fine. You cannot be creepy. It is altogether different to participate in loved-dovey talks online than continuing similar things on the first meeting. First, pay attention to whatever your partner is speaking. Compliment them but remember to not make any sexist comments on their looks or about other people. It could be a tough task to forget the bad experience of a person creeping you out on the first date. So, you should understand that real-life conversations are way different than texting. It would be better to give time so that your relationship can grow organically. 

Be Cautious: Never Let Your Guard Down!

While searching for your matrimonial partner, you cannot let your guards down. Especially when you know about how unsafe our country is for women in general. So, always meet at a public place. It can be a cafe, restaurant, mall, or neighborhood park. Neither fix your date at their home nor invite them to yours. On the matrimonial platforms, people do all kinds of sweet talks to woo you. Never fall for it doesn’t matter how good you feel about your date. It is better to stay alert than to end up in a mess. While going on the date, share the location of your meeting with your BFF or someone you trust in case of an emergency. It is better to start on a fresh note and not be dependent solely on how far you guys have gone online.

If Things Not Go as Planned, End Things Respectfully

It might be possible that you dump the idea of fulfilling your matrimonial purposes with the person after the first offline meeting. This is pretty normal. And also, it would be better if both of you understand this aspect early on. In such a case, always tell your honest opinion to them and refrain from ghosting someone. Everyone deserves a fair goodbye even if they are not fit for us.

On the other hand, if things work out and you like to move things forward, continue online. Frequent offline meetings might not be possible due to busy work schedules and current circumstances. So, until you meet next time, keep the online flow. 

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