Propose Your Girlfriend In These 6 Adventurous Ways

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The beauty of every relationship is trust, compassion, honesty, and the infinite love you have for each other. Yes, every relationship has its set of ups and downs, but every obstacle strengthens the connection and makes the bond stronger than before. And if you have passed all the obstacles in your relationship, and are ready to take things to the next level with your girlfriend, we have something for you. How about you plan an adventurous proposal for your girlfriend? Sounds interesting, right? 

If you and your BAE love adventure and don't mind experimenting with new things, then we have some fun ideas for you. Everyone does it with a candle-light dinner, a fancy date, or a slow dance, but if you want to really up your wedding proposal game, you can use one of these six ways to propose to your girlfriend, and we are sure she will love it. So, grab a pen,  notebook and be ready to make notes NOW. And you can thank us later for these mind-blowing ideas!

6 Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend In A Fun Way 

  1. Take Her On A Romantic Boat Ride: Imagine a dream set up, where you are in the middle of nowhere, and there's nothing but pristine blue water around you. Sound's romantic, right? If you are going to propose to your girlfriend,  plan to do it this way. Plan a Kayaking or a boat ride for the two of you, and while you drift along a beautiful lake or river, pop the question. You can maybe ask the photographer to follow you on another boat so that your girlfriend is surprised about this whole wedding proposal idea. So feel free to book a boat, a kayak, or even a cruise for you two. It will be a perfect date and one adventurous proposal. And while you plan this, don't forget to take a small bottle of champagne to celebrate your love. 
  1. Do It While Hiking: There's nothing more romantic than watching the snow-clad mountains with your partner. So if you and your BAE enjoy hiking, take them on a short hike. And once you reach atop, look for a stunning frame, and give her the most picturesque and romantic wedding proposal that she deserves. You can also pack a small picnic for the two of you and celebrate your love together. We are sure that with the view, your efforts, and the ring, she will be nothing but happy. And to surprise your girlfriend, you can also arrange for a video call with her family so that she can share this special moment with them. 
  1. Go On A Camping Experience: Imagine sitting under the blanket of stars and sharing coca from one mug. How does that sound? Quite, dreamy right? Well, how about using this setting to propose to your girlfriend. You can also sing for your partner, shower some roses on them and finally execute the grand wedding proposal. And while you do this, you can ask the campsite manager to record all this for you. So we are saying, whisk your lady love for a romantic camping getaway and pop the question there. 
  1. Do It At A Vineyard: Do you love to wine and not whine with your girlfriend? If your answer is yes, plan a romantic weekend at the vineyard right away. With the fancy backdrop of grapes overflowing at the vineyard, plan the grand marriage proposal with a glass of her favorite wine while both of you enjoy the classic vineyard view. However, make sure that you are not nervous about this proposal. Be calm and do it, and we are sure your girl will love it. 
  1. Take Her For A Horseback Riding: If you and your girlfriend love to enjoy and try new activities, then you should definitely take them for a horseback riding adventure and plan a sweet proposal there. You can arrange a small picnic at the stable and request your instructor to capture these memories for you. Besides, if you want to go all about and plan a big surprise, seek permission at the stable, and decorate the place a bit before popping the question. We are sure your girlfriend will not only love the proposal but will also be surprised. 
  1. Propose Them While Skydiving: Sky diving is one of the ultimate forms of adventure sports, and if you want to propose to your girlfriend in the most adventurous way, how about going skydiving together? You can take her skydiving, and right before jumping off the plane - you can ask her the question. And to make things more exciting, you can take some help from your skydiving pilot and hold a banner of WILL YOU MARRY ME atop the sky. And this kind of proposal will surely take your girlfriend by surprise and stun her for sure. PS: if you are planning to do it, be careful and take all the necessary precautions, don't do something that might risk your life. 

So dear guys, ditch the same gold candle-light date proposal and opt for these fun outdoorsy proposal ideas right away. From scuba diving to sky diving and horseback riding, there are tons of options to choose from. On that note, if you are someone who has proposed to their girlfriend in one adventurous and fun way,  don't forget to share your idea and experience in the comments below!

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