Mindful Ways To Communicate Better in a Relationship


If you ask any successful couple about the secret behind their relationship, most of the time their answer would be proper communication. Without a strong pillar of communication, you cannot build a relationship; it would crumble down after some time. If two people in a relationship don't communicate properly with each other often, it would be difficult to have a happy and healthy relationship. 

And when we are talking about communication, it can be a small conversation either. Like you can ask your betterhalf about how his/her day at work was like, if something interesting happened today. However, it doesn’t mean that you only have small conversations. To create a strong and trustworthy relationship, you must delve into the conversation. In a world where we are surrounded by constant notifications, the art of listening has started to become a lost art. More than half of your relationship is dependent on how mindfully you communicate with your partner. 

Many of us confuse listening with hearing. You hear many things every second unconsciously. But when you listen to someone, you give your undivided attention to your partner suppressing any judgment and advice for that moment.

To help you build a better relationship, we are talking about a few ways that can make your communication with your betterhalf more mindful...

Try to Have a Clear Communication with Yourself First

People who do not spend enough time and communicate with themselves often face difficulty in having a conversation with their partner. How have you been lately? What are those things that are bothering you and need to be resolved? What kind of relationship do you desire to have? When was the last time you both were truly happy? What are those things in your partner that bother you?

When you spend enough time with yourself, you will get answers to these and many other questions that are buried somewhere in the deep. When you have clear answers and the right state of mind, it will be easier for you to communicate mindfully with your partner. 

Observe How Your Partner is Behaving in the Relationship and Act Accordingly

Communication can’t be one-sided, and now that you have clear answers about what you want, it’s necessary to observe your partner’s behavior. See if there has been a slight change in their behavior or they are staying unusually quiet or they are not finding interest in things. Check if there is something about you that has been bothering your partner’s mind of which you are unaware. Until and unless you don’t communicate with your partner and take the first step, your relationship cannot get better. So, there is nothing better to understand your partner’s needs and calibrate yourself accordingly.  

Give All Your Ears when Listening

Once your partner starts speaking their heart out, give all your ears out to them. As said earlier, actively listening to your partner should be free from any judgment. So, even if you disagree with one of the things in the talk, do not let your partner feel that you are zoning out. Give all of the attention to your betterhalf. When you do this, your partner will also extend the same courtesy to you. 

You both might have a difference of opinion in a conversation. In such a condition, listen to the points carefully and try to understand each other's points of view. It will only help your relationship grow. Competing with each other is a strict no-no otherwise, it doesn’t take much time to turn into an argument. 

There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth. It implies that listening is more important. 

Silent Treatment Can Kill Your Relationship

Silence is like a slow poison that can kill your relationship, and you wouldn’t even notice it. Giving a silent treatment to each other is one of the popular ways that couples choose to give each other. The reason being you don’t need to make any efforts in remaining silent and ignoring everything unlike communicating mindfully. 

Sad to tell you but it would never be effective. Without maturely talking about your feelings, you cannot decrease the gap between yourself and your partner. So, it is never a great idea to opt for the silent treatment. Always. Always talk to your betterhalf about everything irrespective of how small or big it is. Also, life is so short. It’s better to talk now than regret later. 

Assuming ≠ Amusing

People choose to assume things about their partners when they can easily talk to them. This fact always bothers me so much. Also, assumptions lead to conclusions faster than the speed of light. One of the golden ways of communicating mindfully in a relationship is to never assume. Instead of wasting your energy on this, reach out to your partner, find a good time, and clear things out. People are generally unaware of this but making efforts to ask about things is so sexy. So, be sexy and stop assuming (about anyone). 

Never Stop COMPLIMENTING Your Partner

A lot of couples, after some time in the relationship, hit the pause button when it comes to complimenting their partners, without knowing that it is also a way to communicate mindfully. If you think that doing cute stuff is only reserved for the initial period in your relationship, you are so wrong. Throughout your relationship, there should never be a shortage of compliments of love. Even small gestures like appreciating the dish your partner has made hugely impact your relationship. Sometimes, you can go all in and annoy your partner with tons of compliments, hugs and kisses. 

People nowadays feel that it is an uphill task to build a relationship with healthy communication. You won’t find such people making any efforts and always cribbing about how unhappy they are in their relationship. But a person who is promised to make small yet impactful efforts to build an unshakable bond with his/her betterhalf will always find the process easy.

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