Love In A Relationship: 7 Things More Important Than Love

love in a relationship

Love in a marriage or relationship is necessary - there's no relationship without love. And while we believe in love and always consider it the KEY to a happy marriage or relationship, there are several other factors that we tend to ignore. Yes, love is necessary, but it's not the only thing in a marriage. There's trust, communication, self-worth, and many other things  equally important as love in a relationship. And to ensure that you value other things than love in a relationship, we have created a list of things that are more important than love in a relationship. 

So make sure that you have these things in a relationship since there are other things more necessary than love, and you must focus on them by all means. Grab a notebook and pen, and make a note of these things.  

7 Things More Important Than Love In A Matrimonial

  1. Trust: Love in a relationship, even marriage is necessary. Every time you meet the one you love, there's a sense of euphoria that you never want to let go of.  While love is vital in a relationship- another thing that's more important than love is trust. If you can't trust the person you are with in your marriage, there's no point in loving them. Trust is a solid stone in every relationship, and romantic relationships even after marriage are no different. Trusting someone is intimate; you share your fears, worries, and deep dark secrets with the person you love, and if you are unable to do that, then what's the point of love? Don't confuse trust with cheating and infidelity- trust is vital since it helps you be yourself. So when it comes to choosing between love and trust, consider trust over love always. 
  1. Safety And Security: You can live with toxicity NOW, but toxic relationships be it marriages, always end, and the ending is always sad. Hence, safety and security are more essential  than love in a relationship. If you are with someone- where you don't get to speak your mind and if you are always in constant fear about the other person's mood swings, then what's the point in staying together? Love is fine, but if you don't feel safe if you can't speak your mind, then what's the point? Hence, when choosing between safety and love, ensure that you always choose safety and security. 
  1. Liking: Love and like are two different things. When you are in a relationship for too long, you tend to get used to that person. No matter what happens, your love for that person never fades away. However, one that diminishes with time is your liking for that person. Yep, you don't like the person- but you still live in a relationship with them. Simply put, you are used to them being around. Hence you overlook everything else. However, you must know that liking someone is more important than love in a marriage. You should choose to be with someone you like to spend time with, someone who makes you laugh, and someone who you like to be around. 
  1. Communication: The ability to speak your heart out in your marriage/relationship is of utmost importance. Communication is the key to every relationship and is more important than love. And if that's a weak link in your relationship, you must know that your love won't last long if you can't communicate well. Communication is vital in a relationship even in a matrimonial since it helps you set boundaries, solve issues and talk about your needs. You can love the person's world, but it's communication that will keep you two together. So communicate, since that only will help you grow as an individual and  a couple in a relationship. 
  1. Independence: Relationships are based on mutual respect, understanding, and equal partnership. Yes, you love the person, and you love to know their opinion, but solely taking their notion while ignoring yours is never right. You cannot lose your independence in a relationship. You are entitled to have thoughts, opinions, and say on things- they hold a lot more importance than love in a relationship. If you always follow what your partner says, you believe that your partner is always right, that won't take the relationship anywhere. Ask for suggestions, but don't consider it a decision. You are independent, and your independence should reflect in the relationship even after marriage. 
  1. Needs: Love in a relationship is one pillar, but there are other pillars too that you must consider. And one such pillar is Need. You must communicate about your needs in a relationship. It's not only about physical intimacy; it's also about your need to be heard, be equal, and to be respected in a relationship. Needs are important in a relationship and supremely important in a wedding, and if you can't speak about them openly, there's no point. If you have needs, talk about them, let your partner know cause that's a healthy relationship. 
  1. Being YOU: YOU are more important than love; you are most necessary than anything in a relationship, so never compromise on that. If you can't be yourself  in a relationship, then what's the point? You can pretend to be a certain way for a while, but not all the way long in a relationship. And the moment you feel that you are someone else, that's the end. So for a healthy relationship, it's necessary for both the individuals to be themselves and essay their true nature. Remember, no one is perfect, everyone has flaws, and to embrace that with utmost dignity is a building block of every relationship- be it romantic or professional. 

So if you are in a relationship, remember there are other things more important than love. On that note, what is that one thing more important than love in a relationship? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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