Here Are 5 Reasons Why Your Age In A Relationship Doesn’t Matter


"Age is just a number"- We all have grown up hearing this phrase. When an older woman or a man achieves something, people laud them by saying that age is just a number. On the other hand, when someone very young wins something big - we again use a similar phrase. But when it comes to marriage, this phrase is highly looked down upon. AGE is everything in a matrimonial- it sounds frivolous, but it's true! You are 29 and unmarried, how's that possible? Or you are 34 and still don't have kids - why? These questions often come to daunt us, and with time, things are changing, but one thing that's still considered a big issue: Age in a relationship. 

If you ever see a man marrying someone older than him or a woman marrying someone younger than her, we all start questioning their relationships. What we don't realize is, like other situations, age is just a number here as well. And here are five reasons why we think that age in a relationship doesn't matter! Read on and do let us know if you think age matters in a matrimonial

5 Reasons For You To Not Care About Age In A Relationship

  1. It's All About Understanding And Maturity: If you are 27 and your partner is 29, it doesn't mean that you both have the same level of understanding and maturity. Marrying someone older or younger can never guarantee that special bond and understanding unless you are compatible with each other. It's all about how you connect, and bond with the person irrespective of their age. At times, the person you are dating is younger, but the person is way ahead in terms of maturity or understanding. So age can never be a basis of how well you will bond and connect. Many women these days are planning their matrimonial with younger guys, and they look absolutely happy, which proves that age has nothing to do with it. 
  1. You Grow With Your Partner: Even if you are dating someone 3-5 years younger/older than you, you always grow with the person. With all the ups and downs, you evolve as an individual and understand your partner way better. It opens your eyes to things you never imagined. Your perspective changes and you realize that relationships are all about evolving. Age in a relationship, like in other cases, is just a number, and one shouldn't pay much heed to it and this also applies to marriage. 
  1. Chemistry Is Everything: You should always feel that ‘need’ to be with someone, those butterflies in the stomach, the feeling to wake up to someone every morning - all this comes when you share an undisputed camaraderie with your partner. And that my friend is known as Chemistry, where what matters is how you feel about each other, and what each other's presence makes you experience and not the age. He/She may be older or younger to you, but that fleeting feeling of being in love is so much more than age. And trust when you plan your matrimonial with someone you are head over heels about, nothing else matters. 
  1. What Others Say Doesn't Matter Much: Nothing else matters when you attain a sense of security in a relationship. If your partner doesn't care much about age, others' opinions shouldn't bother you too, this also applies while finalizing your wedding. Yes, in the beginning, things are unsettling when everyone has something to say or a judgment to pass, but once you make peace with yourself, and attain security in the relationship, all that matters is your relationship and not others. And if you are in a relationship with someone not your age, then take this chance and prove to others that you can make it work, irrespective of your age. 
  1. It's All About Love: Love, trust, companionship, honesty, communication, etc., should be the deciding factors for a couple. Age in a relationship is not as significant as the above-mentioned things, hence you should always focus more on building love, trust, and respect than on age. You choose to be in a relationship because you love each other, period. If it's about age, sadly, you can never be happy - if it's about love, then nothing else should matter. 

Age in a relationship is insignificant unless it hinders your relationship. You don't have to bring the age gap factor in between - all that matters is love and honesty. If you love your significant others and accept them with all their flaws and shortcomings, nobody can stop you from having a  fab relationship. So if you are planning a matrimonial with your partner who is younger than you, trust us, go for it and we are sure you will have one happy married life. On that note, do you think age matters in a relationship? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below- we would love to know.

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