These Green Flags in Your Relationship will Indicate Your Betterhalf is a Keeper!

‘Red Flags’ and ‘Green Flags’ are the two often-talked terms associated with a relationship. Noticing red flags in a relationship has become the default state for some of us. This defense mechanism helps in protecting our mental space. But in this process, we often fail to see the green flags - the ones that encourage you to go on your marriage journey without any second thought. represents love, and we encourage people to acknowledge the green flags in their relationship. 

If you are someone who is in a happy relationship with a partner but having second thoughts about tying the sacred marriage knot, don’t worry as we will help you recognize them through this article. Here, we will talk about the green flags in your relationship to indicate the worthiness of your betterhalf. So, let’s get started. 

GREEN FLAGS in a Healthy, Positive Relationship to Look For

Spotting green flags in a relationship can help you grow immensely as a couple. We are presenting you some of the common ones below that you can check.

‘Happiness-Max-Pro-Mode-On’ Around Your Partner

One of the biggest factors that make two people click is how they feel around each other. If you feel the highest degree of happiness in their presence, the feeling is certainly a green flag. If you are with your partner and you know that everything is going to be alright in their presence, you should know that s/he is a keeper. Because, after marriage, you both will be spending a lot of time with each other. 

When Your Betterhalf Understands You Even When You’re in a ‘Hulk’ State

We believe that in a relationship, respecting each other is equally (sometimes, more) important than loving each other. When two people are in a relationship, fights and arguments are inevitable. What’s important is that your partner understands and respects you even when you are in the middle of an argument. If your betterhalf is not losing his/her cool and managing the situation calmly, this is a major green flag for your relationship. Everybody loses their temper at some point, but it shouldn’t act as a red flag in your relationship 

Your Partner Doesn't JUDGE You & You can Share Anything

In life, we always strive to find people with whom we aren’t scared of being truly honest in sharing our feelings. And if your betterhalf is someone who has this quality of not judging you while sharing something good or bad, you can certainly consider yourself lucky. When spending time with your partner, try to share as much as possible and observe your partner’s reaction. You will get your green flag in the process if there is no lens of judgment in your partner’s perspective. And you’ll see that very clearly!

Supports and Proud of Your Career Moves

Considering current times, finding a partner who supports you in every step of your career could be quite difficult. On the other hand, you should also be ready to do the same. A small misstep in either of your careers can affect your relationship in an indirect way. So, you should always look for someone who understands and supports your passion. A partner who is ready to hold our hands through the journey of pursuing a career in a particular field. Got someone like that already? Well, the flag can’t be more green. 

You Give Each Other the Required SPACE

Giving each other breathing space in a relationship is crucial. You cannot act as your partner’s tail every time they are with you. Every individual needs some time alone to declutter themselves. So, if your partner gives you ample space, it means the respect and honor you deserve. When you are looking to convert your long relationship into marriage, you should look for this green flag. When you both have the space in your relationship, you will be able to respect each other’s interests even if you don’t love doing the same. 

When You Trust Your Partner Irrespective of the Situation

Trustworthiness is one of the major character traits that we look for in our partners. Without trust, there is no relationship, leave aside the marriage. If you can say a firm ‘YES’ when someone asks ‘Do you trust your partner?’, you should seriously think of going forward with your relationship. If you have any second thoughts about this question, it could harm you in the long term. 

It’s time to join the matrimony bandwagon if you can spot green flags in your relationship. You shouldn’t waste time once you know that your partner is truly a keeper.

-With love, for love <3

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