Everyone Has a Different Brand of Romance. What’s Yours?


Our world is filled with different people. One of the things that make people different from each other is their brand of romance. Some of us love the details while some of us like to go all fancy. Some people would love to plan their wedding with their betterhalf on some fancy destination, while some would like to empower the local economy around themselves by going for a simple wedding. By observing the pattern everywhere, we have found several colorful patterns in the palette of love. People are choosing different methods of solemnizing their love as per their comfort and personality. 

If you have been thinking about your brand of romance lately, don’t need to worry. The reason being we have categorized the five major brands of modern romance based on recent events. You can have a look at them and know in which category you fall. 

Let’s Marry in Italy!

Every time a lavish celebrity wedding happens, a barrage of videos of their marriage goes viral on social media sites. You name it - Ambani, Deepika-Ranveer, Virat-Anusha; everybody loves marrying in Italy. The Tuscan aura of Lake Como is one of the most trending places among couples, followed by a honeymoon chasing northern Lights in Lapland or a safari in Africa. 

Well, this is exactly how Virat and Anushka did it. And if your brand of romance matches theirs, it is a no-brainer to guess that you want something as fancy as they did with keeping the intimacy intact. You are someone who is in for fairytale weddings or something more than this, too. Oh, wait! What are we hearing? You haven’t found your prince charming yet? Well, you could find him on Betterhalf.ai without wasting any time. 

Everyday Phenomenal!

Finding something wrong with the above heading? Well, of course, it is wrong. “#EverydayPhenomenal” - Here, we have fixed it. How can we forget the most trending hashtags? Because, well, it was our fashion queen and ultimate diva, Sonam Kapoor’s wedding hashtag. Sonam’s wedding was a pure Punjabi affair like you always see in the movies and imagined for. The whole of Bollywood was drunk singing and dancing there - Ranveer, Arjun, Shahrukh, Anil Kapoor, Salman. You name the actor and they were present there. This brand of romance is literally for you if you are looking for fun, partying, and making the best out of your special day with your betterhalf. 

Royal Marriage

Watching a lot of British serials and dreaming to do a royal wedding just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did theirs? Well, this brand of romance is just your type. If we don’t go that far and get closer to our home, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jiju also did their marriage in some royal palace of Jodhpur. They stayed true to their roots despite going for a royal event!  

Always remember that your romance has its own rules without noticing what society has to say about your choices. 

The Ranbir Style

This might hurt some fans of Ranbir Kapoor. But there is no problem if you are indecisive about your brand of romance. We also secretly wish for the sake of Alia Bhatt that the marriage happens soon. If your style is more like MULTI-PLAYER (Get it?) and you are confused. Or some people would even go to the extent of calling you a cheat when the truth is you are still thinking about your brand of romance. Guess what, we have happy news for you! We will help you find your brand. In case you haven’t found it, you are just a click away from finding your betterhalf. 

The Practical Type

We understand that your romance isn’t any of the aforementioned brands of romance. Maybe yours is quite cute instead. Maybe the idea of your romance is talking on the couch after a long tiring day, and thereafter, PILLOW FIGHTS with your betterhalf. 

Maybe you don’t want Italy or you aren’t even confused. Maybe you perfectly know that it’s those little things that people fail to notice. According to us, your brand of romance where you cuddle your partner over a rom-com movie is way better than any fancy date. We stan your hard! Really hard!

We would like to know which of those categories is your tribe. Tell us in the comments.

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