Every Millennial Couple Should Take These 7 New Year Resolutions

millenial couple

Entering into the New Year as a couple is always fancy - you not only get to start a new year with the love of your life but also get to plan tons of things with each other for the New Year. And if you love celebrating New Year with your BAE, especially after marriage and kissing each other on New Year's eve, then how about making some resolutions as a couple this year? Sounds fun, right? As a millennial couple, you should sit down with your partner and make a New year's resolution that involves both of you. 

Now, if you are wondering what kind of resolution you can take as a couple, don't worry! We have sorted this for you. Here are seven new year's resolutions that every millennial couple should take this year. And trust us, these resolutions become more fun after marriage. Read on to know more. 

New Year Resolutions You Must Take As A Millennial Couple 

  1. Plan New Things As A Couple: No matter if your relationship is 2-years old or 2-months old or you have just had the wedding, take a new year's resolution to plan new things with each other this year. To keep the spark alive, try new adventures with each other. From skiing to scuba diving, there's a lot you can try together. And not only experiences, you can also try new cuisines together, watch new movies together, take workshops and so much more. Just make it a point to do something new and exciting together at least once or twice a month.
  1. Say No To Phone When You Are With Your BAE: Now, you may think that this a big deal, and this one can be easily attained, well you are so wrong my friend! Thanks to social media, consciously and subconsciously you are always on the net. From scrolling mindlessly on Instagram to posting everything about our love life- we are a social media generation. Hence, as a millennial couple, you must make a New Year's resolution to be in the moment with each other. When you are together, keep your phones aside, have a conversation with each other, have meals together, and just have a phone-free time with your partner, especially after marriage. 
  1. Give Space To Each Other: When it comes to relationships, people usually think that a couple has to do everything together. However, that's not always the case. Yes, you love your partner, but giving each other space is equally necessary for a healthy relationship. So, instead of being with each other and doing things together 24*7, space out things a bit. Take a break, focus on your self-growth, have some ME time - doing so will not only make you feel valued in a relationship, but you will also be in a happy space individually. So, dear couples, this one new year's resolution is a must for you. No matter, if you have just had the wedding, giving each other some space is always a must. 
  1. Communicate Your Feelings: When it comes to millennial couples, we often try to fight with our partners in a passive-aggressive way, where we don't speak our feelings out and show them through our actions. And while that can work in the short run, it will just complicate your relationship in the long run, more so after marriage. Hence, take a new year's resolution to have an honest talk every time something bothers you. Communicate how you are feeling with your partner and encourage them to do the same with you. 
  1. Plan Surprises For Each Other: As a couple, we often tend to get so busy with our lives that we forget to focus on one of the essential parts of our relationship, and that is romance. When you are in a relationship for too long or plan a wedding with the love of your life, at times, after marriage, romance somehow takes a back seat. Hence, this year, as a millennial couple, take a new year's resolution of planning surprises for each other. From planning romantic getaways to arranging a date night mid-week, there's a lot you can do to keep yourself and your betterhalf happy. 
  1. Not Taking Each Other For Granted: When you get too comfortable in a relationship, after wedding, you start taking your significant other for granted. You no longer care about their opinions and always think that one way or the other, they will come around. However, that's not always true. Hence, make sure that you stop taking each other for granted. If something is bothering your partner, it's your job to clear the air and talk about it. If you think, as a couple, things are a bit rough, talk about it and make equal efforts to sort things out. 
  1. Understand Each Other's Love Language: When it comes to love, caring for each other and saying 'I Love You' is not enough. You also need to understand each other's love language and make sure that you use that with each other often. Love language can be anything - your partner's love language can be cuddles or hugs- so when you do that with them, they feel loved and secure. So as a millennial couple, take a new year's resolution to understand each other's love language. Talk about it, take quizzes, and you will understand which language of love you and your partner speak. 

Well, dear millennial couples, start this new year with your betterhalf by taking these resolutions and making sure that you sincerely follow each of them for the entire year. Yes, some new year's resolutions might require more effort and time, but we are sure as a couple, you wouldn't mind taking some efforts to ensure that you are happy as a couple in the relationship.

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