During Your First Conversation, Avoid Asking These 7 Questions

First Meeting

When you meet the person online or offline for the first time, there are tonnes of questions you have in mind for the person. Questions like how much you earn, What are your deal breakers, etc., come to our mind - however, they are not the kind of questions that you should be asking someone you meet for the first time. It not only puts that person in an awkward position, but that may be the last conversation with the potential marriage partner. So, to make sure that you avoid such questions and save yourself from embarrassment, we have made a list of seven questions you must avoid asking the other person in your first conversation. 

7 Question To Avoid On Your First Meeting 

  1. I Wonder Why You're Still Single: Honestly, there's no harm in asking this question, but the first meeting is not the right time. . You can ask this question when you know the person a bit better, but asking this in the first conversation is wrong in multiple ways. Firstly, you are implying that it is not okay to be single if you are good-looking or smart. Besides, it is also possible that the person is waiting for THE ONE. So instead of asking this question, be glad that you are meeting that person, and get to know each other more. 
  1. What Are Your Thoughts On This Relationship? : Firstly, relationship talk only comes into the picture when you are well acquainted with each other. You can wait for this question and certainly not ask it at the first meeting. Since it will not only make you look needy and desperate, it might also come across that you are in a rush for something, which the other person may not approve of. And honestly, it is a difficult question for someone you are meeting for the first time in person. We suggest getting to know the person better then maybe you'll not even need to ask this question.
  1. What Do You Think About My Outfit? Well, it's not a wrong question to ask someone, but certainly not the right one for the first conversation. By asking this question, you will put the person in a tough spot, where they may not know how to answer this question. If they don't like your outfit and are honest about it, you'll be embarrassed, and if they over compliment it, you might take it in some other way. Hence, avoiding this or any other question related to an appearance at the first meeting is always better. No matter what the person wears, if the conversation is interesting, you will have a good time. 
  1. What Are Your Deal Breakers? Very important question while having the relationship or marriage talk - however, not the best one to ask during your first conversation. It may seem like you are trying to act or behave a certain way as per the likes and dislikes of the significant other. In relationships, people share their deal breakers naturally, and one doesn't need to ask them about it. And it is better if you avoid asking this question as well. You don't want to sound, look or seem foolish, so skip to the good part and have a conversation on things that you both are interested in. 
  1. What Was Wrong With Your Last Relationship? No matter how curious you are, NEVER ask this question during your first conversation. Once the person is comfortable, they will tell you about it; asking this right away may not seem appropriate. Some relationships end on a good note, while some end on a traumatic note, and asking  this will make the other person relive all the moments they probably don't ever want to remember. So never ask anything about their ex or the past relationship as you don't want to give a bad trip to the person. Also, it's not your business in the first meeting to know everything about their past. So it's best to wait for the right time when the person will tell you about it. 
  1. What Are Your Expectations From This Relationship? Again, very necessary when you are having a relationship talk. But as a question during the first meeting, not at all a YES. Don't pressurize yourself or the other person by asking this right away. Enjoy your first meeting without thinking much about the next steps. You will eventually come to that point, so there's no need to speak about it right from the beginning. When you ask this question, it also seems like you want to know it so that you can act and behave in a certain way. Trust us - it is always better to be yourself in a relationship. Because someday this relationship will turn into a wedding
  1. So Tell Me About Yourself? Now, you must be wondering how is that a wrong question? Well, it's not a wrong question; it just isn't framed right. You are meeting the person for the first time - you obviously would want to know about the person, but asking this question seems like you are interviewing the person. Instead, ask questions like: So what type of movies do you enjoy? Are you a fan of cricket? Asking direct questions is always better than asking something that can have multiple answers. So always ask questions that you want answers for. It will not only lighten the first conversation, but the person will also feel at ease with you. 

So if you are going to meet the person for the first time after connecting on a wedding app, make sure you avoid such questions by all means. Ask questions that are fun, entertaining and will make the person feel comfortable. You can always leave the serious questions for the time when you sit down to have a relationship talk, but when it comes to the first relationship conversation, keep it easy breezy.

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