Differences Between a Relationship and Dating

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Many people have this misconception that relationships and dating are similar things. Though both are related terms, there is still a huge difference between them. A date can end up both in marriage and a casual fling. So, it is mandatory to point out the differences if you do not wish to step into trouble. 

More than often, people get confused and let their emotions ruin their dates or relationships, for that matter. You might get serious on your first meet while the other person is still looking out for their ideal partner. Such one-sided feelings are sure to complicate things for you and you might end up heartbroken!

Many people even stop dating completely and take time to face rejection or come out of that zone. However, the situation can be avoided if you are smart enough to spot the differences in a person’s behavior. Also, a basic understanding of the differences between relationships and dating can save you from a huge setback and prepare you for the matrimonial ties. 

Thus, get hold of these points mentioned below. It will enlighten you all about dating and relationships and ways to spot differences between the two!

Commitment differences

Relationships start with 100% commitment from both parties to stick to each other. They are not expected to go on any other dates with any other person during their relationship. Also, you must not showcase the same feelings to the rest of the people that you are showing for your marriage-interest.  

However, things are entirely different while dating. You are completely free to go on multiple dates and meetings. There is no commitment or enforcement towards any particular person while you are still single. It is entirely on you to propose to any of your dating partners or not if you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage with him/her. 

Conversation-time difference

You may or may not have daily conversations with your date. It is quite probable that a person is dating multiple people at a time and they cannot give an equal amount of time and attention to each of them daily. You might gradually develop a liking for someone and start to have daily conversations with them. 

However, the same is not the case in relationships. One has to devote ample time to their partner. The daily conversations between you two are necessary to strengthen the bond and know each other better. You are already moving towards a future with your partner. So, it will only make sense to spend maximum time with them and prepare yourself for the next step!

Comfort differences

The comfort zone in a relationship is extreme and no random dates can match that level! However, it only happens after two people get completely attached and share everything with each other. Comfort only comes from trust and trust is the foundation of any relationship. The couples in a relationship are hardly worried about how they look, act, wear or eat. The other person is already knowing everything about you and they still chose you!

The same simply cannot happen while dating. You are still going through the ‘identity check’ phase of the other person and cannot trust them enough. People are extremely conscious about their looks and body language in front of their partners. You might get repeated thoughts about what they are thinking about you or do they like you or not while meeting. Naturally, you cannot get comfortable being yourself in your initial meetings.

Difference of Expectations

People expect different things from their relationships and dating partners. There will be conversations about marriage, shared future, life partner, etc. in a relationship. Most couples are thinking to take their relationship to next level and settle for a life with them. They might also discuss career planning and relocation according to the suitability of their partners.

However, the expectations are entirely different from your date. You guys might just want to have/have not any future meetings. You just expect each other to be respectable and amiable in your meetings. Some of you might even develop feelings and expects to move ahead with them. But again, it depends on both the people to want the same thing. 

So, these are some of the obvious differences between a date and a relationship. Also, you are yet to do a lot of identity-check on a person you are courting. Make sure not to haste too much and remember these differences before letting your emotions too much into it. 

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