Checking your Partner’s Phone? 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Do That!

Partner's phone

Trust, insecurity, doubts, and fears are part and parcel of every relationship. There's no perfect relationship where things are always happy; every relationship has its own set of ups and downs. And if you are facing a sense of doubt in your relationship even after marriage, communicate with your partner, and solve the problem that's eating you from within. And in those moments of doubt, one thing you should avoid doing, by all means, is checking your partner's phone. 

Yes, checking your partner's phone will not only sabotage your relationship and perhaps your marriage, but you will also sabotage their personal space, which is unacceptable. And if you are checking your partner's phone for whatever reason, and you think it's okay to do so,  let us tell you it's wrong on all levels. Here are six reasons you shouldn't check each other's phones in a relationship. 

These Are The Reasons Why You Should Avoid Checking Your Partner's Phone

  1. You Are Invading Their Personal Space: In a relationship, even after matrimonial or otherwise, everyone has a right to privacy, and one should never intrude on that space for no reason. Some people tend to check their partner's phone out of curiosity, which slowly develops into a habit, and that's not right. No matter what your reason is,  checking your better half's phone is never a good idea. You need to trust your partner, and if you have any concerns, talk to them about them. The phone is a personal space for everyone, and as long as the person is not cheating or hiding things from you, you shouldn't check their phones. Even if you think something is wrong, confronting is always better than intruding. And this especially applies to the couples after marriage. 
  1. You End Up Feeling Guilty: Yes, we all have our moments of doubt, and to make sure that everything is fine, we check our partner's phone and then feel guilty about it in the future. You don't find anything extraordinary, and it leaves you with nothing but guilt. And this happens with many couples after marriage. So even if you share your passwords, trust your partner and the relationship you have with each other, and don't check their phone. Remember, you will not like it if someone tries to enter your private space- hence you shouldn't do it either. 
  1. You End Up Damaging The Intimacy: Intimacy- be it physical or emotional can be sabotaged if you and your partner are not on a good note. If you have trust issues, talk about it, be vocal, showcase your concerns, and we are sure your partner will understand and this applies to you even after matrimonial. But checking your partner's phone to find answers to the questions bothering you for a while doesn't make sense. You not only destroy the trust you lay in them but live with constant fear. If your partner ever finds out about it, they will stop trusting you, which will worsen the situation. And this mistrust on both sides will only hamper the intimacy you share. 
  1. You Focus On Finding Faults: Some people have that obsessive habit of keeping a tab on everything; they like to know what's happening where, and while that's okay, it can also damage the relationship you have with your significant other. If you feel something is fishy, confront your partner and work on it, but don't check their phone. Because once you start doing that, you start looking for faults in everything your partner does. You start thinking that everything they do has a motive behind it, and that spoils the essence of your relationship. You blame them for things they haven't done, thereby making the relationship anything but toxic, especially after matrimonial
  1. You Start Questioning Trust In The Relationship: If you are insecure in the relationship- work on it, understand what's bothering you, and try solving it. Negatively channeling your insecurity by checking your partner's phone will only worsen the situation. You will constantly have the urge to check their phone and  constantly cook stories in your head that might not even be true. You will wait for any chance you get to check your partner's phone, and all this shows that you don't trust them enough, and if you have trust issues, checking your partner's phone will not only aggravate those insecurities furthermore and maybe ruin your wedding. 
  1. It Makes You Feel Powerful In An Unhealthy Way: When you start checking your partner's phone, you assume that you have control over them, and that should never go. What you don't realize is the fact that you are channeling power over them, which is not only wrong but is equally unhealthy too. You want to control your partner, and by checking their phone, you get that power to do so. And while that satisfies you and makes you feel good, it just makes your partner feel worse- they start feeling vulnerable and exposed. And when this happens, there's no equality in the relationship, and you lose whatever you have. And at times, the relationship ends on a nasty note because you feel that you are losing the power. 

So dear couples, if you think there's nothing enough in checking your partner's phone, we have given you not one but six reasons why you shouldn't do it. And if you are someone who's doing it,  we suggest that you stop before it gets too late and before you damage something beautiful for mere obsessive suspicion. 

On that note, do you think checking your partner's phone is right? Let us know in the comments below.

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