Aspects That Truly Matter in The Quest of Compatibility


“It’s Friday night, and you are all set to go out & party, but your partner would rather stay in and binge the recently released Netflix series.

You always speak clearly about whatever bothers you, whereas she likes to keep it to herself. 

You believe in following the Vegan way of living, while he can travel a 2-hour distance to eat a good steak. 

Do these small differences affect the compatibility of two people in a relationship? Let’s find out!”

Some would find it debatable but one of the key parameters of a successful relationship is to gauge how compatible two people in a relationship are, with each other. There is no secret that without compatibility, a relationship cannot see many days of light. It might work briefly, but in the long term, it is not something that will last. While people understand this and seek compatibility with their betterhalf, they often feel confused about the true meaning of compatibility. And their question is perfectly genuine. That’s exactly why psychologists have decided to take the matter into their hands and break it down into six specific areas. 

These areas will help you capture the comprehensive personality traits of your betterhalf. So, cheer up now. If you have been stressing about the compatibility of you and your potential marriage partner, understanding these six aspects would be a blessing for you. 

Emotional Temperament

One of the first aspects of compatibility is the emotional temperament of an individual. And you must be realizing how important it is for your relationship if you ever have been with someone. This dimension reflects how individuals see themselves, their mental status & energy, and their passion for nurturing romantic relationships. For example, you have been spending time with someone and if you can describe him/her as a happy & content person, who is also self-confident and sensitive, you are referring to their emotional temperament. Because these things can’t be seen. You will need to look closely to identify this aspect if you want a compatible partner. 

Social Style 

We told you how emotional temperament is more related to an individual’s innate little personality traits. But when we talk about the second aspect, social style, it is more to do with how an individual behaves in situations outside of his/her comfort zone. Social style includes traits like character, kindness, dominance, sociability and adaptability. Notices how he is always empathetic with people working in the service sector like Delivery executives, Society guards, Waiters, etc. Well, this exactly comes under the social style. If you can appreciate the social style of your betterhalf, he is one to keep. 

Cognitive Mode

Brace yourself because we have reached one of the most complex aspects of compatibility in which people find great difficulty. You must have heard from people around you that their relationship didn’t work because they had the least of things in common or how they did not have anything to talk about together. By referring to the cognitive model of an individual, we refer to their intellect, curiosity, humor and artistic passion. Among all the aspects, your partner’s cognitive mode will help your relationship go smoothly because both of you will never run out of things to speak about or do together. You will always find something to spend time together. 


Some people have this misconception that physicality only includes the degree of sexual intimacy a person enjoys. Hate to tell you this, but it’s not so. The aspect of physicality consists of several other factors contributing to overall compatibility between two individuals in a relationship. It can be about how physically active or passive an individual is when it comes to enjoying recreational activities that involve physical efforts like trekking. 

If you are someone who likes such activities, while your partner likes to always stay at your home couch, you will not find compatibility with such a person. Do you like to stay physically fit and active by eating healthy, organic food and exercising regularly? Does the idea of being on the move excite you or stress you out? These factors hugely contribute to the physicality of a compatible betterhalf. 

Relationship Skills

The level of relationship skills truly defines the compatibility of two people in a relationship. What is your go-to way to resolve a fight? Do you talk it out or always shout at your partner telling each other mistakes? How fast can you lose your cool? How moody are you at a particular moment? If something is bothering you and is unrelated to your partner, do you share it with your partner and solve it together, or do you manage it on your own? Do you act passive-aggressively during a conflict and let it escalate, or do you clear the bad air between you and your partner as soon as a misunderstanding occurs? All of this speaks highly about the relationship skills of an individual and helps you find a compatible betterhalf

Values and beliefs

Under the value and beliefs aspect of compatibility, you should see if an individual is inclined towards religion or spirituality and how much exactly. This aspect also includes the ambitions, personal values, and family goals of your partner. In our new-age world, some of these factors are a must-have to be in a partner for some people. For example, some people would like to be only with people sharing the same religion or spiritual beliefs as themselves. And there should not be any problem in it because everyone has a right to spend their life with someone with whom they feel comfortable and compatible. 

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