8 Online Dating Slangs Every Millennial Must Know

Online Daiting Slang

Our world evolves daily. As individuals, there's always something new that we get to see and learn. And when it comes to dating or weddings, while the concept and going on dates somehow remain the same, the language and type of words we use to communicate have changed over the years. Meeting in a cafe or watching a movie together is a thing, but today the internet is filled with online dating slang. There are some words used by the millennials while dating that may sound like technical jargon to the rest. And to ensure that we all are on the same page and use the same language, here are some online dating slangs that you must know. 

From ‘Netflix and Chill’ to ‘Thirst Trap’, these slangs will help you understand the dating language better in 2021. So check these out, and you can thank us later. 

Dating Slangs You Must Know In 2021 

  1. Benching: Benching, a widely popular term used on social media and on wedding apps, means that you're not in a zone to commit to someone officially. So basically, you like the person but not enough that you can commit to dating them officially. However, you don't want the person to move on and find someone else, so you hang out with them till you understand how you feel about them and whether or not you see a future with them. Many millennials nowadays have a fear of commitment. And if you have always wondered what's that about - the term for that is BENCHING. 
  1. Catfishing: Thanks to several sitcoms and TV shows, the term catfishing has now made its way into the dating world and also on the wedding apps. Being a popular online dating slang these days, catfishing is messaging someone with a false identity. People pretend to be someone else while chatting, and things can end up badly if this goes on for a longer duration. So, if you are facing something like this, back off since you are being catfished. And this is one Internet slang of 2021 you must be very well aware of, especially if you are planning to find a partner for marriage online. 
  1. DTR (Define The Relationship): Another online dating slang that you must know. A DTR conversation is a necessary aspect of every relationship. It not only defines the relationship but also helps you decide what you are as a couple. Are you in a casual relationship, or are you exclusive or are you in the phase where you can talk about marriage? These are the things discussed in a DTR conversation. However, one drawback here is that you cannot define the moment when you choose to have this conversation. For example, if you have this conversation too early, you may scare the other person off, but if you have it too late, the other person might assume that you aren't interested in this conversation. 
  1. Ghosting: Ghosting is one Internet slang of 2021 that has gotten popular in no time. So, ghosting means when a person walks out of your life without informing you about it. And this is quite common on the wedding app these days. If your significant other is ignoring you for a while now and seems little or no interest in you, you are being ghosted. And the sad part about ghosting is that you will never come to know why the person did what they did. And it will leave you hurt, confused, and dejected. So if you think your partner is ghosting you when you talk about marriage, take a step back and confront them. 
  1. Half-Night Stand: Well, we are all aware of the term One Night Stand. However, as years progress, Half-Night Stand is a new thing used by the millennials frequently. So basically, here, when you have no strings attached sex with a person, you leave immediately instead of spending a night with them. In this, things are quick, and the people involved stick to the business and don't prefer spending a night and morning after the sex. 
  1. Kitten Finishing: Quite similar to catfishing, this online dating slang coined by the app Hinge has become popular. Here, millennials like to set unrealistic profile expectations by mentioning everything extra positive. Here, people often try to make themselves look better than the rest. So if you are looking for a partner for marriage, you better be aware about this word. For example, if you are studying medicine, you will mention and pretend to be an accomplished doctor in the bio. Some people even use their old pictures on the wedding app, and when you meet them in person, the scenario is completely different. 
  1. Micro Cheating: Cheating, micro, or major, is wrong in every way. However, Micro Cheating is a new term that you must know about. It's online dating slang for people who don't cheat in a relationship but do it to an extent. So basically, sleeping with someone else while in a relationship is cheating, but flirting with someone and being emotionally involved with someone is considered micro-cheating. For some couples, micro-cheating is okay and tolerable since it's not deceiving the other person, and for others, this millennial term is a big NO. 
  1. Stashing: Stashing is another millennial lingo term that's been in the dating world for a long time now. Remember that episode in sex and the city, where men dated a particular set of women but didn't introduce them to their friends? Well, that's stashing. Here your relationship even if it’s serious and you are considering marriage is behind the doors. You are not getting introduced to other people; your existence on social media as someone's partner is irrelevant. And this is usually done when the other person is not invested in you much. 

So, if you are a newbie in the dating world, or have been off the loop for a while now, make sure that you are well acquainted with this online dating slang. Knowing these terms will help you understand if you ever land up in one of these situations. Besides, if you know of some millennial lingos that we must include, do let us know about them in the comments below.

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