7 Ways To Be Comfortable Without Compromising In A Relationship


Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling ever. Spending time with your partner, planning a future together, and building a life with dreams and hope is what a perfectly healthy relationship is all about. However, there's one word that we all get to hear in a relationship — COMPROMISE. People usually say that to find a loving life partner or to be in a happy relationship - one needs to compromise. While compromising wholeheartedly for something is never wrong, but compromising to be happy in a relationship is never right. 

Relationships are built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. And there are certain ways in which you can not only have a happy and healthy relationship but also stay happy with your potential marriage partner. And that too, without much compromise. Read on to know more. 

Ways To Stay Happy With Your Partner Without Compromising 

  1. Never Lose Your Individuality: When you are in a relationship with someone, you often try to enjoy things that your partner does, and while doing so, you tend to forget to enjoy things . Hence, remember that a strong relationship is based on mutual understanding, engagement, and love. To maintain your individuality in a relationship, do things that you enjoy. Try and include your partner in it and if not, do it by yourself. Your distinctiveness will keep things interesting in your relationship as you will have tonnes of things to discuss daily. 
  1. Express Yourself: Communication is always the key to any relationship. Be it friendship or a romantic relationship or in a marriage - you have to put your thoughts across instead of just compromising. Stay connected with your partner, and make sure to share all your sorrows, struggles, joys, thoughts and feelings. Expect the same from your partner and keep an open dialogue in your relationship. If you don't like something, don't do it for your partner; instead, talk about it and see if there's a way around it. Maintaining a relationship by sharing your thoughts and needs will help you understand the boundaries and feel more free and alive in the relationship. 
  1. Trust Each Other: Trust is a solid foundation of every relationship. Make sure to trust your partner by sharing all your feelings. Don't judge, and definitely don't assume things. You start compromising when you are scared to lose your partner. However, with trust and mutual understanding, you two can secure individuals  being madly in love with each other. Trust is the building point of every relationship, and with trust, you can cross any storm in your relationship. 
  1. Say Yes To Self-care: If you love yourself enough, only then you'll be able to provide that love to your partner. So make healthy choices for yourself, learn to say NO, take breaks when needed, if something bothers you, be distant for a while, and take your time. All this is okay! No, you are not hurting your partner by doing this as an individual - In fact, you are taking some time to heal and bounce back in a better state. Couples don't always need to stay together - they can take their time off and enjoy things separately as well. If you love pizza, but your partner doesn't, you can still enjoy a pizza night while letting your partner enjoy their favorite cuisine. 
  1. Focus On Your Personal Growth And Development: If you are not happy with who you are as an individual, you will always try and put yourself down in the relationship. Focusing on self-growth and the growth of your relationship, should go hand in hand, since that’s the key to a happy relationship. If you are happy with who you are and what you are doing in life, you will not only motivate your partner to do their personal best but will also contribute to being fair, contented in the relationship. 
  1. Maintaining Individuality And Ego are Different Things: We often hear people say, "I am an individual, I have the right to do it." Saying so in a wedding relationship merely sounds more like an Ego trip. Yes, you are an individual - you can choose your likes and dislikes - however, striking a balance in a relationship is also essential. You have to love yourself and love your partner without sacrificing either of the things. You should know your boundaries and strike a balance in both the relationships - one that's with yourself and one with your partner. 
  1. Learn To Listen: You don't always have to be non-judgemental. You are allowed to be a critic - however, while being, so make sure that you are also good at listening. On days when your marriage partner is having a rough day or when you know they are wrong, just listen to their side. You don't have to affirm whatever they say, but listening patiently means a lot to the other person. It shows that they can count on you to share everything, and that's a very important aspect of every relationship. So even if things don't go your way, or you don't agree to something, take a pause and listen to it first. 

Compromise is always taken negatively - however, with little patience, communication, and understanding, you can manage to have a successful relationship. Compromising for something is a part of life, but doing so just to make the other person happy can never be a sign of a good relationship. Be who you are, proudly own your flaws, and communicate.- All these things will make your relationship shine.. Meanwhile, do you think compromising in a relationship is a must? Do let us know what you think about compromising in a relationship in the comments below. 

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