7 Uncommon First Date Ideas That You Must Try ASAP

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Dating is always fun- however, today, in this age of social media, planning a perfect date has become simpler than before. And while we use social media for almost everything, how about using it for finding some date ideas too? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this one if you’re planning to go on a date soon! 

Here are seven uncommon first-date ideas that you must consider by all means, especially if you are already planning a matrimonial with that person. We all want our first date to be special. Hence, ditch the same old mundane ideas and try these  instead. We are sure your date will love you, and you will thank us later for the same! 

7 Uncommon Date Ideas Perfect For Your Upcoming Date

  1. Take Your Date For A Workshop: Planning a perfect candlelight dinner and creating a perfect ambience is dreamy for sure. However, it is way too common and is done by everyone. If you want to impress that significant other and are already thinking about marriage, ditch the same cold candlelight dinner. In fact, it is quite overused! If you want to impress someone on the first date, how about taking a workshop together on the first date? From cooking to pottery, you can sign up for any workshop, and invite your date there. During  the workshop, you will understand the likes & dislikes of your date and will also get a rough idea of how well you can handle each other in the future. It's an uncommon first date, and we are sure your date will appreciate you for thinking something out of the box. 
  1. Visit Dog/Cat Cafes: When you think about date ideas, candlelight dinners, movie night, etc., are the ones that cross your mind-however, if you want to make the most of your first date, how about using this uncommon first date idea? If you and the other person are animal lovers, you plan a perfect date at a dog or cat cafe. This one will definitely help you understand if you seriously should consider matrimonial with this person. You not only get a chance to get to know the other person but also spend some time with furry ones while talking about each other's preferences and life. Now that sounds like a perfect date setting for us, what about you? 
  1. Go For Karaoke Night: Everyone goes to clubs and bars on the date, but you want yours to be memorable, right? So how about taking your date for a Karaoke night in a fun bar? You both can sing your favourite songs and have a blast. You will not only come to know about the person's music taste but also enjoy the silliness together. It will be cheesy, fun, cute, and you don't have to pretend who you are, and just be yourself in front of the other person.  
  1. Go On A Hike: Couples do this post wedding and they love it. Yes, this one sounds very blah and challenging, but trust us, it's the perfect way to get to know someone. So if you love hiking and the other person doesn't mind going on one too,  this uncommon first date idea should definitely be your pick. You can opt for an easy hike- here, you will not only understand each other's strengths and weaknesses, but you will also get to enjoy a spectacular view. And to make this more special, you can pack a picnic and surprise your date with it when you reach the top. 
  1. Go To A Trampoline Park: Yes, this is a very uncommon first date idea, and that's why we want you to give it a thought. Everyone goes for lunch or dinner.  How about you show your playful side to your date at a trampoline park? It sounds quite fun to us. You can take them to a trampoline park- spend time jumping and tossing there, and if they love games, you can also challenge them for bowling and arcade games. Dates are all about having fun, and with trampoline and bowling on the list, we are sure both of you will have a memorable time. Ps: This is also a great date idea after the wedding. 
  1. Go For A Walking Tour: If you love to travel and don't mind exploring fun places in your city, taking your date on a walking tour, and showing them your city from your perspective is a great idea. It's an uncommon first date, but we are sure your date will appreciate it. You can also click pictures together and of each other and build memories together. It doesn't matter if you two don't work out in the future- the main goal should be to have a great time on your first date and even after wedding
  1. Go To A Flea Market: Now, get this straight, flea market is not only for shoppers, with varied food stalls and other activities, it is also a perfect place for dates. So consider this as one of the many date ideas and take your date to a flea market. You two can shop, try the food at varied stalls, play games and just have fun together. This way, you will not only loosen up to each other but also understand each other's likes, dislikes, and tastes. Besides everything, you will get to shop a thing or two, which is always fun. 

So fellas, if you are planning a first date with someone special,  throw the same old date ideas out of the windows, and try these uncommon first date ideas.  We are sure your date will appreciate your out of the box thinking and will enjoy everything you plan for them. From the list, which uncommon first date idea will you try? Let us know in the comments below! 

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